Asian-Pacific Heritage Street Fair and a Little Wine Tasting.

The street fair at Larkin Street between Grove and Ellis was part of the month-long celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Several street blocks of handicrafts to buy, jewelries to ogle, food and food trucks to sample, cooking demos, tai-chi demos, and other Asian martial art demos, several stage for performances, free health screening for hepatitis, wine tasting, etc, etc. It was the perfect end to our Asian immersion for the day with the Terracotta Warriors for appetizers and this street fair as dessert (yeah, if I could skip main course altogether, I would.)

2013_05_18 082
Let's go.

PicMonkey Collage3
Sampling of stalls.

PicMonkey Collage1
Loud and proud.

2013_05_18 088
Part of Tenderloin District - a high-crime neighborhood. It's not the place tourists see. It's getting cleaned up, I hope. 409 historic bldgs in 33 blocks!!!!

2013_05_18 090
Me want food.

2013_05_18 092
She's getting ready while I queue for my food.

2013_05_18 095
It was the last one on the list that I was lining up for.

2013_05_18 094
They were selling it.

2013_05_18 093
Nearby, I saw that I was too late for sugar cane juice.

2013_05_18 099
Asian musicians perform outside of Harrington Pub.

2013_05_18 101
A better look at the mural.

2013_05_18 105
Another mural.

2013_05_18 108
Jackie Chan's mural????

2013_05_18 111
Walked all the way to the end of the street fair and found a really cool Vietnamese sandwich store where we got a banh mi and two baguettes that were just coming out of the oven. We munched on the freshly baked french baguette - feeling European - while retracing our steps when I bumped into an ex-co-worker. We chatted a bit about life.

Too early to go home, our next target was to see the city hall. I haven't seen it in all the years I've lived here. But alas, it was closed on the weekends, sad.

2013_05_18 114
The Golden State Warriors (basketball team) flag was flying to acknowledge the achievements made by the team this season.

2013_05_18 116
One of these days, I'd take a day off and visit the city hall.

2013_05_18 121
Beautiful sunny day with blue skies and mid 60-degree temperature, what could be better?

2013_05_18 137
On the way to the parking lot (several blocks away) we saw kids from the Sikh community performing their ministry of serving meals one plate at a time. I told one of the boys what a fine job they're doing.

2013_05_18 133
One of the scenes we passed near UN Plaza. The TRUTH just grabbed me.

2013_05_18 139
Was standing on the curb waiting for the walk sign when a feeling of New Orleans overcame me and I snapped a photo because this reminded me of the Queen city of the South.

2013_05_18 140
No reason, just loved the mural that we passed by. Notice hubby carrying the still hot baguette like a jewel.

2013_05_18 147
Before leaving San Fran we thought we'd drive by Treasure Island to see if there is a weekend flea market.

2013_05_18 149
It used to be a naval station.

PicMonkey Collage
No flea market that day, instead there was free wine tasting. It's fresh wine that we tasted. Donations are encouraged.

2013_05_18 162
The Bay Bridge - lesser known to sister Golden Gate Bridge.

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  1. What I'd do for some of that asian bbq! Mouth watering!

  2. What a fabulous day you shared with us. I loved everything about it -- weather, food, people...a great street fair.

  3. One of these days we want to visit San Fran, Maria. Astrid wants to spit off the Golden Gate Bridge. HA! But I wouldn't mind traipsing behind you on one of your grand adventures! :)

  4. Wonderful photos!And I agree with Ginnie´s comment!

  5. Oh, what a great day indeed!! And look at those blue, blue skies -- not a frequent sight for SF!! Terrific captures for the day!! Thanks for sharing the fun -- now when can we get some of that BBQ???? Have a lovely weekend!!

  6. I so like the t-shirt! In an event like this food is sooooo good!


  7. Wow, what a fun day, so much going on there. I loved visiting San Francisco. Thanks for taking me along, I enjoyed all the photos.

  8. What a magnificent bridge. Happy swf.

  9. Wow, what a great day out! Lovely series of shots! I could go for a glass of Fat Grape right now!

  10. That looks like a lot of fun. I can relate to this post - I drove across both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge just a couple of weeks ago. Also I do marshal arts (Aikido) and have a Korean wife!

  11. Street fairs are always fun!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful day, lots to shop, eat and drink...Your pics are awesome...

  13. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my first post in months. I do wish I'd be able to post more regulalrly now.

    These photos bring back warm memories about some of the places in SF that visited some years ago.

  14. Interesting sights along the way.

  15. Wonderful buildings and murals!

  16. looks like a great day out with lots of things to see and experince and taste

  17. What a cool event! And what gorgeous entrance to the City Hall! Great shots.

  18. looks so fun and festive!

  19. A very impressive series that inform so well and are entertaining as well. Excellent.

  20. Love the Philippine flags! Hello Pinay indeed! I miss the banh mi. Vietnamese sandwiches are so good.

  21. I've so many things to say, the task of typing everything up is daunting. Let's just say that I loved everything about this post and of the street fair (and the terracotta warriors too). I'd love to see those 409 historic buildings when the neighborhood gets safer (and probably more expensive).

  22. i love the vibe here amidst the warning.
    and the mural does look a bit like jackie chan /samo hung! ^0^
    but the food,
    ah, that's one thing i also looove! ^0^


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