New Orleans: Lafayette Cemetery #1

One of the places we visited in New Orleans was the Lafayette Cemetery #1 (yes apparently there is a #2). There are actually a lot of cemeteries in New Orleans, and many companies offer tours of these Cities of the Dead. I read that there also was a free tour of Lafayette Cemetery but advance registration is required. I forgot to preregister for the free tour, so we did a DIY.

Cemeteries usually give us the creeps. This one did not. It is located in the Garden District across from a very historic and posh-looking restaurant Commander's Palace Restaurant on Washington Avenue.

11_24_2012 060

11_24_2012 165

11_24_12 finepix 072
The only cemetery in NOLA dedicated to a person.

11_24_2012 056
Barrel vaulted tomb.

11_24_2012 058
Another barrel vaulted tomb.

11_24_2012 049
Parapet tomb.

11_24_2012 173
Pediment tomb.

11_24_12 finepix 089
Society tomb.

11_24_2012 184

11_24_2012 055
Hubby enjoying a walk under the sun.

11_24_12 finepix 074
Busy shooting.

11_24_2012 168
Wall vaults line the Washington Avenue side of the cemetery. There was an on-going tour.

11_24_2012 180
She found something interesting to photograph.

11_24_2012 181
I was interested in her red jeans.

11_24_2012 182
As we exited the cemetery, I looked out and admired the trees that line the streets, its autumn leaves gleaming in the blue autumn sky.

11_24_2012 197

11_24_2012 195

11_24_2012 198

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  1. Cemetery tour? I've never heard of it before. From your photos, it looks like a beautiful place befitting as a final resting place.

  2. You got some great shots and I love seeing the blue skies. I've always been fascinated by old cemeteries. New Orleans is a city I've never visited but would like to.

  3. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place! I love New Orleans -- lived there for a year a long time ago, but still have vivid memories! Wonderful blue, blue skies!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wonderful photos of your cemetery tour! The skies are a beautiful blue and the trees are gorgeous. Great post, have a happy weekend!

  5. I find it interesting that you should include a visit to a cemetery as part of your itinerary. But I figure it is a good place to find some peace and quiet amidst the busy hustle of an urban jungle!

  6. i'd love to visit this cemetery! i was introduced to cemeteries in New Orleans by Anne Rice novels.:p love your photos. the autumn leaves are beautiful.

  7. I remember seeing a similar one in a movie!

  8. I loved the colorful autumn leaves.

  9. great collection of photos looks like a really interesting place to explore

  10. A fine collection from the cemetery. I'm glad it was more pleasant than expected.

  11. Cemeteries are often interesting places for photographers. Lovely blue skies!

  12. It is an interesting tour of the cemetery. No, it didn't give me the creeps.

  13. So, it was New Orleans on the previous post! :-)

  14. It seems eerie but looks interesting as it can bring us back to the old days.

  15. These are some very interesting mausoleums.

  16. I'd feel a sense of creep if I were alone and no one else is there - so something like a popular cemetery as that may just be as good for DIY tour for me.

  17. Very beautiful sequence of views of the cemetery, nice colors.

  18. I have a feeling there are several New Orleans cemeteries that ARE creepy, Maria, and maybe this one, too, at night. There's just a different energy in that city, with it's ghost heritage! HA!

  19. New Orleans is unique. We just drove through another part of Louisiana (Shreveport) and noticed that the cemeteries are also above ground -- guess it's the whole state that way.


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