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July 5, 2006 was the day this blog was born. I cannot remember now how I got to blogging. But one thing I remember it was the time of heatwave of 2006. We are coming out of a heatwave presently.

I don't normally celebrate blogoversary but I thought 7 is a good number. And 7 years is long enough for a blog's run. This blog started by posting pictures of the roses and other blooms in our garden; then I started going away for vacation.

Nowadays when I travel to new places, I ask myself this question: DO YOU SEE YOURSELF LIVING HERE?

Okay, I don't know why I do that, but it all started when we went on a road trip to Oregon, our neighboring state. We were driving towards Crater Lake passing by one lake, creek, river, after another and everything is so green. Out of nowhere I heard myself saying, "I can totally live here." It was a surprise revelation, because in my conscious state, I know that I wouldn't leave the Bay Area. I love it here.

And so after that initial muttering, the subsequent places I visit make me ask myself that question. Thus in the spirit of my 7th anniversary, let me list the 7 places I could live other than the Bay Area, in no particular order (although I must disclose that Barcelona is my most fave place). This list is made by listening to my emotion. I have not consult my intellectual side.


Placa CatalunyaA p 1
What's not to love about Barcelona? There is culture, the arts, the architecture, the museums, the food, the pleasant weather, the water, the views, the many tourists that add to the local flavor and color of this already colorful town. The subway is accessible and always available. A plus - people play "futbol" at 11 PM.


oregon trip memorial day weekend 2 121
What little I saw, I really really liked. Plus it's almost similar to the Bay Area in many aspects. Nature lovers would definitely love it here. The food is amazing too. Furthermore, if I move there I wouldn't have to give up on my San Francisco Giants since Oregon doesn't have a major league team.

3)VALLETTA (Malta)

No place had me tongue tied the first sight like Malta did. The sheer pulchritude of the fortified city seen from the Grand Harbor is nonpareil. The view of the Grand Harbor from inside the fort is equally incredible. Who wouldn't want to see this beauty day in and day out?

4)TORTUGUERO (Costa Rica)

A boat ride in the canals is so relaxing. The forest is energizing. The beach is so calming. And for alarm clock? Try monkeys to wake you up each morning. The only downside is the tropical weather.


alaska and canada may 27 to june 4 2007 1142
Closer to nature. Fresh air, fresh fish. I'm not too sure about the long winters, though.

6)MONTEVERDE (Costa Rica)

The cloud forest is a big attraction to me. So is it's mountain setting. Monteverde is to Costa Rica as Baguio is to the Philippines. I love the quiet and laid back life, the farmland around the main town, the friendly people and the cool weather. I see myself owning a hostel. Yes, I dream big, don't I?


Beach, beach, beach. Then there's the lagoon too. I surprised myself with this choice because I don't swim, but I love the beach combing in Cancun a lot. The coral beaches produce many American brands, many Americans walking around. I may have an issue with the heat and humidity, but it's not too far from Cozumel and Playa del Carmen and to Mayan ruins. Plus, I love Mexican food.

I read the list to my husband and he agreed with my choices. The last one was quite difficult to decide. Singapore was a candidate, but it has very little woods (although the streets are lined with trees), where one can escape the scorching heat. Likewise, it's too modern, too busy, too hurried pace.

There are a ton of places I have dreamed of living since the day I dreamed of travelling and visiting other countries. Top in my list is Ireland. I have a fascination with Ireland and England, it's surprising I haven't crossed the pond to visit them.

Do you dream of living in other places?


  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and on all the wonderful photos you have offered us. Great job.

  2. Congrats on you blog being 7 years old..It's a long time, and it deserves to celebrate.

    Gorgeous photos!

  3. What a variety of places! Congrats on your blogiversary!

  4. I think your emotion picked these places perfectly. I can see how beautiful they are on your photos. Congrats on your blog's 7th Anniversary! And here's to many, many more years to come!

  5. Malta is my favorite of these!

  6. A fine series that covers so many interesting and pretty places. Well done.

  7. conrats on your 7th blog anniversary! btw, i love the 2nd and 3rd pics!

  8. Happy 7th anniversary to your blog. =) I'm glad I discovered it because I can 'travel' to different places through it.

    I would love to live in Paris where I would wake up daily and see the Eiffel Tower from my window.

  9. We aren't nearly as well-traveled as you are, but we do that same thing wherever we stay; asking whether we could live there.

  10. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    Your photos are wonderful. I do, indeed, dream of living someplace else, and I get there a few times a year--but I'm always hungry to stay.

  11. WOW. What a great exercise to do, Maria! I can definitely attest to Barcelona...and while I haven't seen much of Oregon, I'm sure I would love it. Valletta/Malta is actually on our list of places to visit...so I'll get back to you later on that. :)

  12. Belated happy blog anniversary!

    There are so many memorable places but only one can really deserve my heart - that's the Philippines of course.

  13. Happy blog birthday!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful travel photos with us. I hope you go on many, many more trips so your blog can go on for a long time yet.

  14. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I'm pleased to be visiting your blog again. :) I've been absent for a long time.


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