Costa Maya: A colorful port

Upon arrival from our tour of Chacchoben, we took a lap around the pavilions browsing at shops, tasting tequila, watching local dance presentation and checking out the dining options, even though food was the last thing on our minds.

Earlier in the day, however, as the ship was docking, these shots were taken from the deck. It was a beautiful clear day with blue skies and wispy clouds.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 001
Costa Maya in the distance.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 002
A closer look.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 003
The clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 006
Even more close up.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 011
Stay here and relax.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 013
You can always walk the length from the dock to the port.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 016
Or take the free shuttle.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 022
Dolphins swimming and leaping.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 043
Pool area.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 039
Free tequila tasting.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 034
Local costume.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 125
Ubiquitous merchandise.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 123
Pink and blue.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 046

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 050

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 127
No beer today.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 170
A little look back as we were leaving.

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  1. Hi Maria, i haven't visited you for a while, so sorry! Now these photos make me so envious again, for the travel and for the lovely photos! You always give us the best!

  2. What a fabulous looking place and terrific, dramatic skies!! What fun, beautiful captures for the day!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty! Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice shots from Costa Maya! I have some of the same photos when our ship was docking. The water is so pretty. Great photos, happy skywatching!

  4. A great series, nice skies, beautiful beach and tequila tasting! SOunds like a great time!

  5. Love the bridge and the clear water!

  6. I love Mexico, and your photos make me homesick for the vibrant colors and the wonderful people.
    I know the feeling of not thinking of food, however, because cruise ship passengers never go ashore hungry!
    Thanks for the tour of Costa Maya. Quintana Roo is one of my favorite parts of Mexico.

  7. Nice post! Want to visit CM some day!

  8. Really nice post of a great location! I've sample wines, and sampled beers, but never tequila. Not sure how long I would last!

  9. Wow!Breathtaking shot from the deck.

  10. Oh so beautiful!!! I hope you've had a wonderful time!

  11. Your beautiful shots remind me of how colorful Mexico is! I love love love the vibrant orange wall shot!

  12. Fine arrival shots. I was surprised how far the boat is from shore. Very good tour of the things of interest to tourists.

  13. I enjoyed these shots very much. Looks like a great spot to visit.

  14. Initially, I thought that you must have captured your first few image from a plane. And I was thinking, you are very lucky that the pilot flew at the height. Reading further revealed that you were on a cruise. Some very beautiful images.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  15. Wonderful and colorful images.

  16. Wow.... love a fun and interesting vacation in CM. I would like to own some of the colourful merchandise. :)

  17. What a fun place to vacation, the colours are all so festive

  18. So much beautiful colour! Love the red wall!

    I am surprised to see the Hulk beside the traditional ornaments!

  19. I miss snorkeling in those beautiful turquoise waters!

  20. Great shots ... and amazing colors!

  21. Love your pics! The ocean is so blue, and a nice contrast to the vibrant colors of the buildings in town.

  22. Taking that first glimpse of each port of call was one of the reasons I wanted to stay in a balcony room during my first cruise earlier this year.


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