The Village of Mahahual

What else could we do here? Is there something else to see?

We were bored and we wanted to see more of this port. If there is a port, there should be a village or town we thought. So we hailed a taxi just outside of the port and inquired about a village, an old town, anything other than this little port. We want to see Mexico, after all that's where we are.

The driver told us there is a small village close by, per wikipedia it's 3 kms away. Checking our watches we found we have time for a short visit in the village and probably take a few photos.

The village is called Mahahual. The sign says it's a small drinking town with a diving problem. Good, the town has sense of humor.

What I found when we drove to the village are remnants of a devastating hurricane a few years ago. But what stood lining the beach now are palapa structures housing bars, restaurants and upstairs are accommodations. This is a diving town, snorkeling must also be big here. It has a very relaxed vibe, the atmosphere is almost lazy. The restaurants have seatings on the beach. There were a few stores carrying all the usual souvenir items you'd expect in the airport terminal.

It's charming. It's quiet. Has a backpacker's atmosphere, nothing fancy about this village, except the Caribbean. There are no annoying barkers asking you to try the nachos at their restaurants. We even had to ask a local where to get fresh coconut juice/water. Massages on the beach. Wifi signs everywhere. And we needed wifi signal. But the only way you can get the password is by buying something.

So we ordered some margaritas and nachos, and sat by the beach, watching a father and his kids on a small boat, kayak. I watched as one enjoyed an ice cream cone and worried that the angry sky would pour out while we were here. From here the humongous cruise ships can be seen in the distance, so close from this vantage point.

The business of sending message to family over at the same time the drinks and the nibbles arrived. The nachos were so-so (not a Mexican dish anyway) but the margarita was excellent.

We ended the time here by shopping for souvenirs and that's all she wrote on Costa Maya.

And now for the pictures:

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 056
No working during drinking time.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 052
A storefront.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 051
Where we got the margarita.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 143
Small village lined with stores facing the beach.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 147
Practically empty, or too late?

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 155
It was beautiful.

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 156
Impending rain.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 054
One more look at Yaya Beach beaching side seating area.

11_27_2012 lx costa maya 063
The ships appear so close.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 067
A little rain came down as we were sipping margarita.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 070
Good licking.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 073
Family fun.

Hasta Luego, Mexico.

Upon our return to the ship, we were surprised to find docked next to us was this humongous Disney Cruise Line. Very impressive. It sailed ahead of us that evening, but before it did we tried to take a few shots and were jealous of the massive water slide it has on deck.

11_27_2012 px costa maya 076

11_27_2012 px costa maya 077

11_27_2012 px costa maya 078

11_27_2012 fx costa maya 182

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  1. Wow... what a wonderful place. Like you said "It's charming. It's quiet." But then there are many things to see. Must make it to this place.
    Like that "No working during drinking time."

  2. That looks like many of the beaches here, i am sure you will agree! Cruise ships are so beautiful and big, but i can't get of the fear that it might make a Titanic! By the way, i still can't understand why the beach has a diving problem, is it because everybody is supposed to be drunk!

  3. Wonderful shots from the village. I like those beach shots.

  4. Beautiful place and wonderful, moody skies! Terrific captures for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Moody drama in these skies. An interesting little town by the sea. Love the beach scenes dotted with palms. And the last photo of the reflected boat lights is stunning.

  6. Wonderful photos and places where you are!Enjoy it!

  7. A lovely serie of photos, a perfect post for SWF!

  8. Looks like a great trip. All very good shots. I love the purple reflected in the water in the last shot.

  9. Excellent post. That's an interesting village. hahahaha...

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  10. What a fun beach and place to visit. The Disney ship looks amazing! Great shots, thanks for sharing.

  11. I am tempted to visit a beach now!
    Great shots!

  12. So many lovely shots!

  13. Don't you love how we swap adventures with each other! :) We're so lucky to see the world like this through each other's eyes. Thank you.

  14. A lil drinking town? Cute and catchy sign. So is everyone drunk all the time? Must be quite a merry lil town. :D

  15. Love the rustic look of the signs on top and the general tropical feel to this post.

  16. I like their sign so funny, nice beach too, love the name "yaya beach" 😉 did you get coconut juice? I should try cruise to Mexico but with Disney cruise line looks more fun lol☺

  17. I like their sign so funny, nice beach too, love the name "yaya beach" 😉 did you get coconut juice? I should try cruise to Mexico but with Disney cruise line looks more fun lol☺

  18. Those clouds look like they're ready to burst anytime. Great shots there!

  19. So much to see! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  20. Beautiful photos. Love your framing!

  21. I don't like crowds myself, so that small beach town is just perfect! I hope they don't get devastated by another hurricane any time soon.


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