Caribbean Cruise In Pictures

A cruise is called a floating resort, which is a perfect description. It's a small city in the middle of an ocean or a sea or a river. There are plenty of things to do and sea. On sea days (or travel days) where you are on the ship 24 hours, one is presented with a ton of things to do and enjoy. There are board games, sports activities, gym, casino, art, library, etcetera, etcetera.


11_26_2012 lx sea day 018
People volunteer for parlor games. This is the ladies turn to dance to the beat of a funky sound.

11_26_2012 lx sea day 022
It's the men's turn.

cruise2012FPx 027

cruise2012FPx 029
Who could finish a bottle of beer the fastest in one minute.

cruise2012FPx 014
Upon arrival and on the last sea day, there usually is a bbq set up in the pool area.

Others like me choose to read and lay under the sun.

cruise2012FPx 010

cruise2012FPx 013


I may have mentioned in the past that there had been a major change in the serving size of food they serve on the cruise from the first time that we cruised nearly 10 years ago. Now not only do they serve smaller portion (a lot of the food used to just be wasted, left on the plate), but there is more thought in the nutritional value of the dishes nowadays, but that doesn't mean the flavor is no longer there.

11_26_2012 lx sea day 034

11_26_2012 lx sea day 032

11_26_2012 lx sea day 033

11_26_2012 lx sea day 035

Every cruise features a chocolate buffet once during the length of the cruise. On this night, usually the penultimate day, you best not eat anything at all if you want to enjoy a variety of offerings at the all-chocolate buffet.

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 079

There were a few chocolate carvings scattered throughout the room.
11_30_2012 lx cozumel 072

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 093

2012_12_06 033

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 084

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 076

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 083

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 104
After all that was said and done and amid all the choices of chocolates, this was my dish. The eyes were exhausted from looking that it affected the stomach's desire to eat.

11_26_2012 lx sea day 025
I always look forward to the towel animal that changes every single day.

cruise2012FPx 030
And I never fail to go way up and look down the atrium.



  1. Beautiful pictures. Elephant made by towels looks so cute.

  2. You have sooooo reminded me of my big-cruise trips in the past, Maria. Oh, yes. All of that. How could I ever forget. My taste now is for the smaller boats. In fact, just yesterday I read about canal-barge cruises in France with only 8 passengers. I think that, too, would be a blast! Can you imagine it???

  3. I'd like to try making the towel animal. :)

  4. I agree, the portion is much smaller, but you still have the buffet to satisfy your hunger should you need to..

    Lovely pictures

  5. The chocolate has me salivating. Great cruise shots.

  6. I loved the cruises I took, but I cannot bet Bud to ever go on another one. He wants to be hiking mountains and riding a bike…me, I want those chocolate treats and great food 25 hours a day, Your photos are great. Know you had fun.

  7. I've never had the desire to go on a cruise, but that chocolate extravaganza ... Hmmmm ... Recalculating!

  8. Wonderful images. I would love to be on a cruise like this.

  9. the pictures will make anyone desire to experience.

    that elephant towel is so cute!


  10. Lovely photos. Chocoholic buffet! Now that's heaven to chocolate-lover me.


  11. Lovely captures and a cruise is fun all the time for sure!

  12. I agree, the food looks smaller in portion and those chocolate got me drooling. :)

  13. Wow! This must have been the biggest ship on earth! I thought I had seen some big ships in my life, but this beats it!Beautiful photos,
    Have a great time!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  14. My wife and I loved the Caribbean cruise we took many years ago, and want to take another. Nice captures of the fun and food!

  15. ah, cruises. not my style of traveling. will do it someday though when my knees can no longer do the pace of my travels and i have more time and budget :P

    nice though

  16. On my first and only cruise so far this year, I did notice about the food but there was just plenty - couldn't believe how much of it is prepared and the logistics involved with feeding thousands of people. That's a lot of work for the crew!

  17. What a great time you both had!
    I never been in a cruise...
    The chocolate cake looks delicious.
    Love the towel animal, so creative!


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