Eat Real Festival Year 5

(My posts from previous years are here.)

What could make a festival experience even more wonderful? Good weather of course! Especially if the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

This year I had no real intentions of going, after all I've gone 3 years in a row and this time we failed to get a group together to attend. Eating in festivals is best enjoyed when sharing with friends who have the same voracious appetite as yours.

However, we were in the vicinity, running errand as usual and by 4 PM we were done with errands and have time to go check out the food. We were hungry.


PicMonkey Collage1
Senor Sisig is a mainstay.

A line of trucks.

Was curious about the sign, but didn't inquire.

Organic, vegan, gluten free.

Small serving size so we passed.

Chop Bar was there.

Grilled cheese is always good.

See the cloudless blue sky? Wonderful isn't it?

Cheese grits!

meat collage
Know your cut of meat table.


Every year we allot $40 for food and drinks for both of us. This year most of the food we sampled were $5 each. Normally the food items are either $5 or $3. This year I've seen a sign for churros for #2.

Our first choice was this bowl of crispy pork belly over creamy polenta ($5) from Lungomare. This one is the bomb!!!!

Breakfast sandwich, eggs, cheese, sausage ($5) from the Farmer's Wife. Really satisfying. Someone stopped us to ask where we got it. Looks as crispy and delicious as it tastes.

From Seoul on Wheels (another mainstay) we got this spicy pork rice plate ($5), simple yet very good. Anyone would like this. Has got to be the best value.

Then we spotted Whole Foods Market had a stall. Didn't know they have deli in their groceries.

From them we got the bison slider with fries ($5), another one with great bang for the buck. The bison was good, not gamey at all and the fries weren't bad.

See it's good for a few bites.

And from Radio Africa Kitchen.....

We got the 7 vegetable tagine with quinoa pilaf ($5). This was our attempt at eating something healthy, but this did not hit the spot for me. I love quinoa, but somehow this is too vinegary for me. Quite acidic. The hubs on the other hand thought otherwise and so he finished the whole bowl.

We didn't finish our food budget because we were too stuffed.

PicMonkey Collage2
In parting, here are a few more of the vendors that came with their food/drinks.

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  1. Oh my goodness. It all looks tempting but did you really eat all that? Now I feel so full! ;))

  2. Looks like a fun festival. I know I would have gone crazy trying to decide what I wanted the most.

  3. Great photos and post for SWF!Have a nice weekend.

  4. What a fun festival and all that food looks great. Makes me hungry

  5. What an appetizing post! All these foods makes my mouth watering. Yes, it looks like a fun festival.
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  6. Yummy SWF post and great skies ~ carol ^_^

  7. Foodie paradise!! Delicious captures!

  8. What the interesting festival! delicious shot.. thanks for sharing your experience...
    Erco Travels

  9. Omg I am drooling here lol!! Sisig and roast pork is what I want with hot rice geezz I am so done lol!!

    Great thing you have this kind of festival in your area we do not have it here so go girl enjoy! And yes with this kind of event I would love to tag along with friends who eat like there is no tomorrow haha.

    Thanks for the visit! Happy SWF!!

  10. My mouth is watering! What a fine series of great looking dishes. Nice I've got to get something to eat! ;-)

  11. I would try Radio Africa & Kitchen! :-)

    In answer to your question: No, Portugal is not an expensive country for tourists.

  12. .. i want. that. sandwich! :D

  13. I just ate but you made me hungry again. Looks like fun!

  14. yummy!Looks like good food every where.

  15. Oh my! You made me hungry. Where's a Creme Brulee cart when you want one? Please send it my way!

  16. You've got me salivating with all that great food about at such reasonable prices. Most certainly a great day ar the fair.

  17. Your photos are fantastic and your food dishes are a real tease to my morning empty stomach!

    What would we do without food at a festival? :-)

  18. Wonderfull fotos of this festival, and soo blue sky, no clouth!


    Have a nice day Greeting from Belgium
    Blog seniorennet.Be Louisette Blog

  19. apart from the sky there is a lot of food. :)

    You asked about my header. It is in Morocco.

  20. I don't think I would have managed everything you ate, but I would have tried too. I love the wide variety available in this food fair!

  21. My goodness, it is 10pm here and I don't know how can I easily get a crispy pork belly. Parang gusto ko rin ng sisig bukas.

  22. What a great opportunity to try different cuisines and restaurants.


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