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America has only three cities:
New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.
Everywhere else is Cleveland

~ Tennessee Williams~
On a clear early December morning, our cruise ship returned to New Orleans after a week-long visit to various Caribbean ports. It is also the signal that my vacation was almost over.

We bid our cruise partners so long as we disembarked. We were off to our hotel, the Royal Sonesta, located in the heart of French Quarter. They on the other hand had some logistical issues to resolve. They had a plane to catch in the pm, so they can spend a few hours with us.

I don't know how it came to be that we walked from the port to the French Quarter. It was a lovely day to walk. Blue skies and mild temperature. And it wasn't too far a walk either even though we had some luggage. We stopped at Riverwalk to browse.

cruise2012FPx 048
Blue skies.

cruise2012FPx 053
Inside the Riverwalk I was window shopping, literally.

cruise2012FPx 054
The store was full of Christmas items, from decorations to bric-a-bracs.

cruise2012FPx 056
Spotted the famous Cafe Du Monde which happens to have a branch inside the Riverwalk.

cruise2012FPx 057
We had chicory coffee and mouth-watering beignets, the breakfast of champions in NOLA.

Photos from our walk:

cruise2012FPx 060

2012_12_06 058

2012_12_06 057

2012_12_06 060

2012_12_06 062

cruise2012FPx 067

While we were inside a convenience store buying last-minute souvenirs (magnets and keychains are cheaper) and the much needed bottled water, our phone rang. Our friends were wondering where we were as they were already parked by our hotel. We hurried our strides and arrived at the hotel in 15 minutes.

The hotel was lavish, not my usual type of accommodation. This stay was courtesy of Travelzoo (really love this company). Had no time to inspect and linger at the room because we didn't want our friends to wait long.

cruise2012FPx 131

cruise2012FPx 069
The lobby at Royal Sonesta Hotel.

cruise2012FPx 073
Festive atmosphere.

cruise2012FPx 133
Didn't I say festive?

cruise2012FPx 179
Complimentary bottle of bubbly.

For the limited time we all had together we decided to spend it shopping. At the fringes of French Quarter there's a shopping area called the French Market. Under its roof are tons of shopping be it for souvenirs or whatnots. Likewise this being Nawlins, there are many dining options. Having just left the ship not too long ago we weren't keen on eating, but we were in for nibbling. On one of the stalls we saw fried green tomatoes on the menu. We ordered it because everyone can eat it. We have a vegetarian in our group. Then we went shopping. I purchased a few items including some home-made baked goodies.

cruise2012FPx 093

cruise2012FPx 088
Hot sauce samplers

cruise2012FPx 076
Let's commence the shopping.

cruise2012FPx 081
Waiting for our fried green tomatoes.

cruise2012FPx 084
Got my baked goodies from this lovely lady.

We walked around the area too. BTW when we were parking by the curb, many street parking slots were closed off with a sign saying they were closed due to filming. I wonder what movie they were filming that day. I didn't see any film crew at all.

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 039
Across the market architecture.

2012_12_06 081

cruise2012FPx 096
At Latrobe Park.

cruise2012FPx 098
Latrobe Park

Then we all wanted another drive through the city. So we drove and chatted along the way and then it was time for them to go the airport and by the day's end they would be in the East Coast back to the comforts of their beds.

Us on the other hand we were dropped off at the hotel.

To be continued.....

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  1. An interesting and nicely varied group of pictures. You obviously had a fabulous time with your friends.

  2. What a lovely time you had. Those beignets look delicious.

  3. Wonderful captures of a beautiful city! I lived there years ago and I always enjoy visiting -- personally or through photos -- particularly, like these of yours!! Thanks for sharing the fun! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh I love that City (hadn't heard the Tennessee Wms quote, but I get what he means exactly!)....we were in NOLA once in early December and the Christmas decorations were just fabulous. It was cold there though. On another visit, in the spring, we did that exact same walk you did (except for not as much shopping ;>) is a great walking city.

    Thanks for the tour -- and the memories.!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful tour of a great city!
    Blue skies and beignets, what more can one wish for?

    Happy SkyWatch,

  6. Great photos and a wonderful tour around this city !Have a nice weekend.

  7. Great shots of New Orleans. I love the quote at the beginning.

  8. I would love to visit New Orleans. This post has confirmed that:-)
    Beautiful photographs. And I love the quote at the beginning. It turned my face into a wide grin:-)

  9. You just fed my curiosity about this intriguing and beguiling city through your wide variety of photos, thanks! =]

  10. What a lovely time you had in this beautiful city!
    Greetings fom Holland, RW & SK

  11. Thank you for the lovely walk!! Beautifully captured!

  12. Enjoying your shots. Thanks for the tour.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  13. Interesting photos, we're supposed to go to New Orleans last Veteran's day weekend but decided to stay close to our area. Thanks for sharing, I have idea now where to go for the next holiday ;-) Included in the plan is the Rue Bourbon

  14. Thanks for the tour of the city. Your photos are really great.

  15. Definitely a city I'd love to visit!

  16. I'm seeing NOLA with new eyes, Maria. I'm loving it through yours.

  17. Thanks for the tour, is that you in black? I've often been wondering what your job is in the US.


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