Putting on the Ritz

My husband's company's annual Holiday Party is held every year in January, when all the holiday festivities are done. It is held in historical Craneway Pavilion which used to be the site of the Ford Assembly Plant. A theme is chosen every year and employees are encouraged to arrive in costume. In my experience, very few people comply with this request.

This year's theme was PUTTING ON THE RITZ and as always the attendees are curious about the a)decor b)food c) who showed up.

The decor was as always up to snuff, the hors d'oeuvres were interesting - the lamb slider was superb, the vegetarian sushi was a flop to pescatarians - a combination of sliders and sushi. There were a few more which after a couple of months my ageing brain cannot recall them.

january 2014 013

january 2014 020
Excitement over the centerpiece every year, and each time the attendees never fail to talk about them.

Because we were eager to eat and go (we don't stay for the dancing anyway) we decided to take one of the closest tables towards the exit. It's a huge warehouse, large floor space. I remained on my seat and chatted with people I know who also decided to stay put while the husband made rounds to check on his former co-workers and friends. Former co-workers because he moved to another department in another city but still with the same company.

Then the food came. First off the wine selection was okay. The red wine hit the right spot in my palate, but my tablemate from Oz gave it a thumbs down. That's what wine is, it should appeal to one's personal taste bud. There is an open bar so that with the appetizers and the numerous glasses of wines and champagnes one is more than full when dinner is served much later.

january 2014 018
Beautiful couple.

january 2014 017
Another beautiful couple.

january 2014 019

The menu is simple.

january 2014 023
First course is the colors of beets,oranges, goat cheese in horseradish vinaigrette.

january 2014 027
Duo of chicken - roast chicken, chicken pot pie, roast vegetable, dried fruit chutney.

january 2014 029

The gorgeous desserts plate consisted of a variety of sweets. I thought this dish compensated for the uninspired salad and the lackluster entree. If I knew I would have loaded up on lamb sliders. Actually that was the prevailing sentiment at the table during dinner.



  1. Wonderful decorations. You must have enjoyed a lot with beautiful food and desserts.Beautiful couples!

  2. That centerpiece is just fantastic!

    I would love an excuse to dress up in costume - it's great fun, and I love to dance (even if the feeling isn't mutual, haha).

  3. Love the centerpiece!! Terrific! Great shots and it does look like great fun!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Definitely 'putting on the Ritz' ~ dazzling shots and handsome couples ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (a creative harbor)

  5. Those centre pieces were impressive unlike the food.....

  6. The decor and food both look great and good people shots too.

  7. The ambiance is great! The dessert is the winner! :)
    I too have something similar.

  8. Dearest Photo Cache;
    I needed to check the word "Ritz" p;) I got what it means. (we have a snack with the same name, haha)
    Gorgeous Holiday Party♡♡♡ I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the food look really delectable♪♪♪

    PS> Thank you SO much for your comment. Haha, my post must be really confusing. All I wish to introduce was that we have new era name when Emperor changes.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  9. I think having the company holiday party in January after all the holidays are done is such a great idea. You can enjoy it more bec you don't have think of the other holiday stress. Your husband's company party did surely look grand. I can't believe you didn't stay for the dancing! Hey, you should have shown your Pinoy dancing feet!:)

  10. What a gala! The food looks great, and is making me hungry!

  11. What a great event!

  12. I smiled with the only couples you posted, they both look from home, really beautiful. You should have also shown the expected costume, or maybe nobody complied again!

  13. Thanks for taking us along on your annual dinner trip. I like the shots of the food. Nice shots of the couples nearby too. It makes a very interesting post.

  14. Center piece is beautiful! Must have been a great evening huh?

  15. Wow, that chicken looks delicious! Your husband's company must spend a lot on these things.

  16. I feel like dancing, did you put your dancing shoes on?


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