When you look up and skywatch you see more than sky and cloudscape. Sometimes you get some surprises, just like what I had experienced in late December of last year.

This is my street, it's named after a fowl/bird. However, the only birds we see around these parts are finch, robin, dove, hummingbird, blue jay, etc.

Until that day when we heard a noise as we were getting ready to leave for a day trip in the coast. We saw turkey vultures while skywatching, which is very very odd.

Spotted one at a neighbor's roof.

There's one next door.

Then there were two.

My house wasn't spared.

Up close.

I first saw turkey vulture in Florida, they were plentiful there. Their appearance in my neighborhood concerned me for dead animals somewhere. Our neighborhood is cat friendly, there's a cat colony (if you may call it that) that calls this neigborhood home and I was worried that one of the cats was hit by a car or bleeding or worse dead somewhere, but we didn't find any sign of such happening.

That was the first and only time that we saw turkey vultures in the neighborhood.

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  1. Oh No! Attack of the vultures! Its very interesting to see them so close.

  2. Oh gosh, you're under watched :-)
    Beautiful shots though!

  3. A fine group of pictures of these vultures. Excellent detail and capture of their color.

  4. They're beautiful and scary at the same time. Reminds me of Hitchcock's The Birds! Yikes!

  5. Wonderful shots. Birds are having a great view.

  6. Wonderful captures of the birds indeed, great detail!! And I love your beautiful blue skies as well!! Those make the birds and the rest of us quite happy I think!! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Great shots of the bird and sky.

  8. They aren't the prettiest birds in the world, but they surely are among the more interesting!

    Crystal Blue Sky

  9. What a great series… we sometimes see them around here too.

  10. Gorgeous serie, perfect for SWF!

    My B&W Blog:

  11. We live in Florida in the winter/spring, so we do see a lot of these guys here and everywhere. They have a job to do and they do it well ... but still, you do wonder when you see them (and especially when you usually don't). Different and fun post for SWF.

  12. Great Photos! Your sky pictures are so blue. :) Beautiful!

  13. Those turkey vultures are kinda scary but also kinda cool to watch. Such odd looking birds.

    I've seen them in Mendocino and Florida and a few in Danville, too.

  14. Scary but amazing birds. What are they looking for in your neighborhood?

  15. Great shots! Not the prettiest birds but fascinating!

  16. vultures on the house -scary! but the sky picture is beautiful.


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