Cancun: Miscellany

This slow travel to Cancun last summer offered something new in terms of vacation. I have never before gone on vacation without a set itinerary. So, the notion that I would have many days that I have nothing to do and nowhere to go was quite unsettling at first, especially since I didn't know how the treatment would go.

On days when I was able to go out of our rental, we made full use of our rental car. We got see the pretty and the ugly, the touristy and the local hangouts.

Where we stayed. Look at the angry clouds.

Not far from the resort is the public beach that fills up during the weekend.

The Cancun cathedral was difficult to find because it's hidden from the street by the trees that surround it. It had no walls, it was open-air on the side, and it offered a quiet space in a busy city.

This became a habit.

I always found a reason to have cake.

There was Costco, Home Depot and this Walmart grocery store.

I developed a liking to horchata with coconut.

On our first visit to Cancun years ago we went to Mercado 28, which was highly recommended by locals we met, but was such a disappointment to us.

This time we went to the other market that locals think was too local for us "tourists", Mercado 23.

Meat shops next to each other.

We took to the streets on foot and found many interesting things to photograph. Beautiful tile work never fails to stop me on my tracks.

There is a local eatery, actually a few eateries next to each other, that we passed by every time we leave the resort area. It was always full of diners and I wanted to eat here.

Finally before leaving Cancun, we stopped for a meal. I ordered the octopus (pulpo), that was prepared simply, but cooked perfectly. It was amazing.

The husband had shrimp tacos. Likewise this was simply divine.

There is one more post (maybe 2) to come before I end this Cancun series.

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  1. I can definitely see and feel the Mexican flare in these images, Maria. And I can just imagine what it would have felt like for you to go without a planned agenda. HA! Sometimes that's part of the adventure, as I'm sure you found out.

  2. That is really the way to see a place ... Get out there where the locals are. Lovely pictures...wonderful trip. Tx for sharing! The food looks amazing too!

  3. Fun to get out beyond the resort area!

  4. I enjoyed your Cancun series. I love those moody skies you began this post with.

  5. Terrific post for the day and wonderful captures of Cancun! I lived in Mexico for over a year and visited Cancun and really enjoyed it!! Love those moody skies! Have a great weekend!

  6. Wonderful shots of the place. Lots of attraction and nice food.

  7. Great sky photos and very tasty food.

  8. wonderful photography of your Cancun trip for SWF and that was quite an ominous sky ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. it's the food that jumps to me...i love pulpo. though i'm not allowed to eat seafoods at the moment, i'll just live vicariously through your photos and stories.

  10. Yummy foods and dramatic gray skies.

  11. Wonderfully dramatic skies.

  12. I'm enjoying your Cancun trip. Thanks for taking us along with you!!

  13. Horchata and cake sounds good to me, beautiful sky shots.

  14. Fantastic captures!
    Tempting dish there. :)

  15. The food looks delicious and I would have an horchata now! :-)

  16. A fine account of your nonscheduled visit to Cancun. I liked seeing the local business area. The colors are so vibrant making the street shots very appealing.

  17. Great shots here - I think my fave is the beach. Would love to try that coconut drink, but would pass on the octopus. The chocolate cake looked good, too! Mine

  18. Hi! Nice captures. I can see many things from your photos. Octopus dishes are very popular in our country too. Thanks for sharing.

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  20. Lovely sky watch photo. I love octopus, too! Wonderful photos.

    Iowa Voice

  21. Love the tiles of the planter, too! Your pulpo and shrimp tacos are making me very hungry. Time for lunch!


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