Wildlife in Point Reyes

For the many times that we've been to Point Reyes, the wildlife is not what we seek. We return over and over again for the stunning views of the water, the therapeutic drive to pasture lands, basically for the sightseeing value. However, we are aware that the park is popular for wildlife viewing. One of the wildlife that is sought after here are the tule elks. We know they exist. As a matter of fact we caught sight of them on one time from across the hill. So imagine our glee when we were face to face with them as we rounded the bend. I honestly don't remember where we were supposed to go. As I have mentioned earlier in this series, this time around we were just driving around without a set destination or stops.

In the mid-1800s, the tule elk was hunted to the brink of extinction. The last surviving tule elk were discovered and protected in the southern San Joaquin Valley in 1874. In 1978, ten tule elk were reintroduced to Point Reyes, which now has one of California's largest populations, numbering ~500. (source)

2013_12_25 PX 147
We wondered why the cars in front of us were basically stopped. And then we saw the reason.

2013_12_25 PX 152
Slowly the cars crawled while we talked in hushed voices.

2013_12_25 PX 153
Oh there's another one.

2013_12_25 PX 154
Close up, pardon the dirt. Either my lens is dirty or the windshield needs washing.

2013_12_25 PX 158
When we rounded the curve, we saw that there was a herd. We stopped the car and went out to take some shots.

2013_12_25 PX 166
Don't they have cute bums?

2013_12_25 PX 169
And then one of them crossed the street to the other side - probably the grasses are greener there.

2013_12_25 PX 170
I love how nonchalant this one is about crossing the street.

2013_12_25 PX 179
By the time we were taking this road back home most of the elks were on the other side grazing.

Must be great timing on my part, but in addition to the tule elks I was able to photograph a couple of birds.

2013_12_25 PX 128
I'm not good ID'ing birds, but I believe this is either a falcon or a hawk. It stayed put long enough for me to take a a few shots.

2013_12_25 PX 193
I am going to hazard a guess that this is a finch. Correct or not, I thought this is one delightful subject.

As you can see the winter sky in the coast is nothing but grey. The skywatching was a bust, but the wildlife more than made up for the lack of photograph-worthy skyscape.

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  1. A very large herd of elk! I like that hawk! :)

  2. A fine post with excellent shots of these elusive elk. I like the detail you captured. Very well done.

  3. oooh~! i'm drooling over your macro shots.
    just good shots. ^0^

  4. The close-up is fantastic! Aren't they beautiful?!

  5. Wonderful shots of the wildlife.

  6. how wonderful to see the elk. I remember seeing them on the streets in Estes Park in Colorado and in Jasper Canada. beautiful creatures.

  7. Wonderful critters and shots.
    The elk has cute face.

  8. What a treat this post is! When we went to Point Reyes, we only saw the Tule Elk from a great distance. Never seen them up close like this.

  9. They didn't seem to be afraid of people. Aren't they being hunted? Such gorgeously clear photos!

  10. Fantastic shots. It is nice to see this elks in the wild.

  11. Oh-Oh-Oh! Absolutely fabulous images, Maria. OMG. This is so wonderful. For once, I bet it beat your stunning views of the water! :)

  12. Those faces! They're so cute!

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  14. Whenever I try to get pictures of birds, there's little more than a hint of a tail feather as they fly away from me! Apparently I need a longer lens or more patience.

    These are lovely shots.


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