Capitola: Of Sunset and Surfers

If we are ever anywhere near the charming town of Capitola, be assured that we would always swing by - at least consider stopping by unless of course there's time constraints. There was nothing to restrain us that beautiful winter day in January when we spent the day watching the butterflies in Pacific Grove from stopping briefly in Capitola with the sole purpose of catching some sunset by the beach.

Our legs took us to the edge of the beach where we aimed the camera to the water and the sky above. Being a Sunday meant that the beach at sunset time was no longer crowded. The day trippers probably were on the way home to get ready for the work week. I even saw more surfers calling it a day than ones jumping into the water.





2014_01_12 216

2014_01_12 218

2014_01_12 226

2014_01_12 228

2014_01_12 230

2014_01_12 231

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  1. Very fanmiliar scenes. Love the pier shot at this hour of the day.

  2. Your photo's are so wonderful. Love the beach and the sea and people enjoying themselves

  3. Looks like a beautiful beach. I hope you have a great long weekend.

  4. living close to the Californian coast, this is a familiar sight - great captures!

  5. Makes me want to pack a few things and head for the beach! Great photos, and the last surfer you photographed looks like he is using an old vintage board... very cool!

  6. Nice photos of the coast, California sunsets can be just delightful

    my new blog is at

  7. Nice captures - there's nothing like a beach at sunset.

  8. Gorgeous photography and what a great experience ~ Happy Fourth to you ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Great fun time on beach. Nice sunset photos.

  10. Your photos are fabulous! I would definitely be up for being a photographer on this beach. Not a surfer, but a happy onlooker.

  11. This is how I love remembering you, Maria...going to those special, favorite spots and capturing sunsets! :)

  12. A beautiful time for a walk.

  13. That's a great series of shots. The pier is an awesome subject.

  14. They are so crisp, but of course i like those structures on stilts. So you also see there those jets leaving trails, they said they are chemtrails and what they are spraying to the skies are hazardous.


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