Yellow Field, Vineyard, and California's Oldest Winery

I will use every excuse in the books I can find to drive to the wine country any time of the year, but especially during the first few months of the year when the rapeseed seem to take over the still dormant grapevines. Such was the case earlier in the year. Like we usually do on any given free time we drove to Sonoma with no particular destination in mind, although we had one goal to accomplish - to see the rapeseed on the vineyards and hopefully to spot any wildflowers. No wildflowers, but still some rapeseed.

We came here for the field of yellows.

For the majority of the hillside, it was late in the season for the rapeseed.

Still some late blooming mustard could be found.

Seemed like yellow was the color of March in the wine country.

We drove around and found our way to Buena Vista winery.


We remembered stopping here once before but that was after their tasting room hours so we didn't get to see it.


Hot sunny March day and people were tasting wine outdoors.

Beautiful stone building also the tasting room.

The building's plaque.


There was no tasting for us that day, although we did not set out NOT to taste. Somehow, there were way too many people in the counter being waited on and we didn't want to join the crowd. Instead we browsed at the decors and climbed the stairs to see more decorations upstairs, some sitting area and a few peacocks on display. I didn't think taxidermy could be this lifelike and beautiful.




As usual I am lagging in my posting. I am hoping that I would be able to begin my Vegas road trip (from January) very soon.

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  1. OMGosh! Such a beautiful place to visit and take pictures.

  2. A fine eeries of this attractive place. I'm sure the view was better than the wine.

  3. I can see why you'd want to visit this area any time of year! The countryside is lovely.

  4. A wonderful place, wineries have a own beauty.

  5. I love all the colors in the landscapes. The whole sequence is fantastic.

  6. Interesting how the wine country is all yellow and it is yellow in the Mid-west area also. Composition of photos is excellent. Subject material is most intersting. Nice job!
    JM, Illinois

  7. Who needs wine ... you can get a high from that beautiful scenery ;>)~ Lovely lovely area...lucky you to be able to make it a day trip.

  8. Wow - how absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Very wonderful series. Awesome landscapes and views.

  10. Superb shots of the place. I like that field shots very much.

  11. i've never been to a wine country or tasting thingy before.
    i think i should give it a try sometime. your photos of that place is just beautiful.
    love the greenery.


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