Zion Day Trip Part 3

With photography and hike done, we returned to the car with every intention of going back to Vegas. As were driving away, we were enjoying the same scenery we saw on the way in.

Then we saw this sign and thought it was an interesting sign and we better investigate what this weeping rock is all about.

We got lucky because this trail is another short one, although it climbs up a bit.

The end of the trail gets you face to face with the weeping rock.

Weeping Rock is an alcove cut by water into the cliff. Water seeps from the cliff and falls like tears, forming a curtain across the front of the alcove. Hanging gardens of delicate plants cling to the cliff face. The trail leads into the alcove, behind the curtain of water, where it is cool even on the hottest summer day.

It's tough to photograph the dripping water, but can you see from this angle?

From up there you can enjoy the scenery especially the spectacular Great White Throne.

There was time to stop at the visitor center and browse then it was time to go back to Vegas just in time for dinner. We were in a hurry because we made reservations for 7 PM.

On the way out we saw deer roaming and grazing about freely.

And the following photos are the shots I took on the drive back to Vegas.

The sights of red rocks and navajo sandstones simply make me happy.

Looks like a good stop to make, has gift shop.

Scenic drive.

It is getting late.

Sunset time.

Oh joy.

Beautiful hues, we're still driving.

Lousy picture I know, but the twinkling of lights signal that we're in Vegas, or thereabouts.

We did miss our reservation time, but I called to say we were running late. We eventually made it to dinner 1.5 hour later.

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  1. Love the rock formations at Zion Nat'l Park. Thank you for the postcard. My parents were just there about two weeks ago. They loved Zion. I hope to see that area too.

  2. Marvelous places you are visiting and getting such wonderful shots ~ Beautiful sky shots for SWF ~ love the sun setting!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Wonderful sequence of shots. I love the rugged landscapes and into sunset and then twinkling lights of the city. This post has it all.

  4. I love Zion!! I haven't been there in years, but your pics brought wonderful memories!! Thank you for those and for sharing the beauty! Those skies and that sunset are absolutely awesome! Superb captures for the day!

  5. Gorgeous scenes from Zion! I love the cute deer. And the sunset looks beautiful. A lovely post and photos.. Happy skywatching!

  6. Awesome rocks and street scenes.
    Wonderful sunset as well.
    Thanks for dropping by, enjoying your shots.


  7. I've been silently reviewing your previous posts and the Zion trip is just one place in my must-visit list.
    the formations are just beautiful, makes me want to take that trip now and see it for myself! ^0^

    ps: your last "lousy" foto was actually one of my fave!
    this drive by shot is worth it.
    have a blessed weekend.

  8. Wonderful scenery and a lovely quaint town too!

  9. a special name for a famous rock

  10. I visited Zion Park on a sunny day in September about 8 years ago, and I was stunned by the beauty of the scenery. I walked many of the trails that you did, including the trail along the river.... so beautiful. I've never been to a place so rugged and threatening and dangerous, yet so overpoweringly beautiful. Wish I could go back one day.

  11. I liked the description and pictures of the weeping rock. I'd like to feel the cooling drizzle.

  12. I love that weeping rock, and I did see the dripping water in that one photo.


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