Valley of Fire @ Sunset

It's almost sunset, let's stay for that, said the husband. He's pretty sure that the rocks would look mighty different under twilight. Now, I'm beating myself up for not thinking about this as I'm supposed to be the photoblogger here. But it turns out the husband in the past couple of years have become more of a shutterbug than I am. True story. He's the one now always seeing photogenic things. I used to be that way.

Anyway, so we stuck around for a little bit longer excited to witness sunset. Now all the images are unaltered, pure unadulterated SOOC. Enjoy.

Becoming more pinkish.

LAS VEGAS 2014 1054
Moments later it was almost red.

LAS VEGAS 2014 1047
Elsewhere some rocks are turning yellowish.

Somewhere behind the rock there's a sun getting ready to sleep.

In daylight, they are not this pink.

Pretty shade of orange.

One more.

LAS VEGAS 2014 1059

LAS VEGAS 2014 1060

LAS VEGAS 2014 1058

Now that is a beautiful ending to this mind-blowing experience like an exclamation point at the end of the sentence.

This ends the VALLEY OF FIRE series. I hope that you'd put this park in your itinerary when you find yourself in Vegas or somewhere near it.

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  1. Beautiful post, great colors!

  2. These are indeed mind blowing skies. The scenery and colors in the sky are magnificent.

  3. Stunning - these rocks really do change when the sun is low.

  4. So so love the changes in the sky every minute and you captured it so well. Lovely photos! . All my trips to Vegas have been for business; I have to make one that's mainly leisure so I have time for his mind-blowing experience.

  5. Spectacular views of such a nice landscape.

  6. Mesmerizing shades. Lovely colors!

  7. Wow wow wow! What gorgeous colours!

  8. Valley of Fire is such a perfect name for this area! Great sky photos.

  9. Enjoying every shot.
    Amazing changeable colors!

  10. Incredible colour! Nice to learn about a new place. Thanks for visiting.

  11. I'm glad you stayed to twilight. The images are spectacular under that warm light. An excellent series.

  12. Your photos are mind-blowing! Wonderful scenery, great for SWF.

  13. Going going gone ... I'm so pleased you stayed around to capture these lovely "days end" pics. Hoping you have a lovely weekend.

  14. Wow, some outstanding colors and views.

  15. Beautiful sky pics and amazingly captured..

  16. Thank goodness your husband "forced" you to stay for this. Amazing .... it's really very cool that you both enjoy being in the same place together. I love when that happens to us (it's why we enjoy travel!)


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