A Holiday Birthday Drive

My husband's birthday this year fell on Black Friday. Because shopping is not what we enjoy to do on Black Friday, we chose to do what we enjoy the most - go for a drive and take photos. The destination? Where else but nearby Napa Valley. In the past we have found the day after Thanksgiving the perfect time to go for a photo shoot.






2014_11_28 041

2014_11_28 059

Having started late in the day it was getting dark quickly and continuing our drive deeper into the valley. However, we were in need of some caffeine and thought the best place to get it at the popular Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. To our surprise we found the road blocked and a festival of sorts was going on. It turned out that there was the Festival of Lights happening that day. While we were pleased to time our arrival, we were more horrified that we didn't know about this festival at all, especially since we pride ourselves in making sure we attend every single food/street festival in the Bay Area at least once.

2014_11_28 071

2014_11_28 077

2014_11_28 078






Our late arrival at the festival meant that the $35 ticket to unlimited tasting had sold out. We ended up buying single glasses. We didn't have the patience to stand in line at the Bouchon Bakery. The festival made the line much much longer than I had seen it.

2014_11_28 102
Not able to have some sweet stuff and coffee from Bouchon, we hopped back into the car drove up north to another of our favorite go-to places, Dean and Deluca, purveyor of gourmet food. We got our cup of joe to go and this sweet little thing to complete the birthday of one who insists he has everything he needs and wants for his birthday.

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  1. The Light Festival was a fortunate break in your drive. The crowd seems to be having a good time. Fine shooting.

  2. Love the colors there. I need to go out of town for a little while...even for just a little drive. Haven't traveled a lot this year.

  3. Wonderful captures for the day!! I love all of the Fall colors and it looks as though everyone was having a great time!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!!

  4. Much better than shopping on Black Friday! We must live pretty close to each other. We moved in the summer about 3 hrs. East from Napa.

  5. I loved all these photos. My sister-in-law just went to Napa and loved it. She was sweet enough to give me a couple of bottles of wine, one for us to serve at Christmas and one for a friend of mine who lived in Napa for over 20 years. She, my friend, lives on the east coast now. What a great day you had and a Happy Belated Birthday to your husband.

  6. looks like a scenic drive down the golden route.

  7. living in a wine-growing region in the south west of germany it was very interesting to take a look at napa valley :-)

  8. Such a beautiful way to celebrate your husband's birthday. Shopping looks too old compared to these lovely scenes.

  9. Sounds like a fun day - wine country is so beautiful.

  10. The fall colors are gorgeous! Great shots!

  11. beautiful images of a vineyard. I've never seen one before.

  12. Beautiful shots. Great birthday drive.

  13. Espero que tuvieras una buena estancia en Barcelona con tu pareja .Saludos

  14. It's nice to see so many people enjoying these small town events! I love the shot of the red barn nestled in the vineyards. Enjoy the start of the holiday season! (I'm hoping to head up to the PNW during the winter break).


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