Leisurely Driving Around the Lake

On the second day of our Tahoe vacation, we embarked on a mission to drive around the lake. It is after all only 72 miles round trip and some people online say it took them about 3 hours. Three hours sounded doable. And that would give us plenty of time to stop at points that we would find interesting.

Know what? We never got to circle the lake. Why? There were so many beautiful distractions, many road side spots that needed to be explored. Add the fact that in many parts, traffic was barely moving. Many people found the mountains the place to be on a long weekend, just like we did.

There is a beach that beckoned a pull over on our part.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 172

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 177

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 174

The drive is pretty spectacular.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 372

We skipped few roadside spots, but we couldn't miss this one. There was a parking fee, but it's all worth it. This has got to be the best sight around these parts. Pretty incredible.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 192

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 238


2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 216

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 233

And from here, we saw a waterfalls that could be accessed from the main road. I have not seen many waterfalls, but this is the first that I saw where people are on the top of the waterfalls not below it.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 229

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 305

We could not skip the falls especially if it was only a few minutes' walk away. Parking spots were a premium and many people parked on the side of the road where the sign clearly said, NO PARKING. We took a picture of the tickets they received.


We got to the falls.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 311

Set up the tripod and posed for posterity.


When we were done here, we crossed the road and went on a short hike. We spent so much time in the area that we never got to circle the lake. In the end we continued our drive only until we reached the south end, stopped, walked around Heavenly, entered one of the casinos, played the penny machine and drove the same way back to our little cabin in the north side. There are suggestions online on what to do on a driving tour around the lake. I haven't checked all of them, but Frommer's has a good one here.



  1. What a beautiful view! Did anyone swim in the falls? Or was it too cold for swimming?

  2. Beautiful sceneries and great photos!

  3. The water looks so blue. Love the views.

  4. We've never made it to Lake Tahoe, but your beautiful photos want to make me get there even more. You did a great job with your picture of the waterfall.

  5. I've skied at resorts near Lake Tahoe, but never visited in summer. Your photos make me want to plan a snow-free trip.

  6. No matter that you didn't make it around the lake -- just a good reason to go back to this beautiful spot another time. (And after all it is not the destination that matters it is the journey ...(I read that on my own blog ;>)!) Beautiful photos of this marvelous scenic treat! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Gorgeous scenery and photos. Lake Tahoe is a lovely place to visit.. Thanks for sharing your day. Have a happy week ahead!

  8. Beautiful shots from Tahoe. Great place to visit.

  9. Well now...that means you must make a return trip soon!!

    Beautiful...all so very beautiful.

  10. Looks a great place to visit. So many spectacular sights.

  11. Gorgeous views and lovely images.

  12. Happy Week to you also ~

    Happy Week,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. That is a beautiful drive, I don't know how people do it in 3 hours. I bet the "no parking" signs are purely for revenue, not for safety!

  14. Very beautiful scenes. I wish I was there.

  15. Ah, I've been there, but wish I could go back after looking at your beautiful captures of such a beautiful place!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a good week!!

  16. Very beautiful view and lovely park. Happy Tuesday.

  17. The shots are all so beautiful...reminded me of my own trip there! Its such a gorgeous place...

    Did you also swim there? I jumped in the water and it was freezing! :(

  18. Thank you for the fascinating virtual tour!!

  19. Hi,The sky is blue and the water is blue too. It's very fantastic to se the scene of Lake Tahoe. I enjoyed your post very much. Thanks for sharing.

  20. oh my !! the place is so unbelivably beautiful. Lovely captures.


  21. Spectacular views. I would love to be one of those who sat by the falls. It must be amazing to be there.

  22. Wonderful shots from picturesque lake and water falls.

  23. The fine series supports your assertion about the attractiveness of the road around the lake. Fine shooting in this fabulous place.

  24. I love lake Tahoe, and you capture the area well. Have you been to Glenbrook on the Nevada side? it's gorgeous, here are some pics:


    Thaks for visiting us, have a great weekend ahead!

  25. what a great day. Love it. I would probably not be able to cercle the lake either :) The waterfalls are very beautiful. And the parks name "Vikingsholm" ... that is Swedish :) I had no idea they came to Califoria :)


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