A Day in Pescadero

We drove out to Pescadero specifically to watch the elephant seals mate on the beaches of Ano Nuevo State Park. We have come to see the seals before once a long time ago. Thought it was time to do it again.

However, we were told by the park ranger at the entrance kiosk that reservations were needed to take the tour and all the tours for the day were full. However if we wanted to wait out for no-shows we could take their spots on the tour. Just like chance passengers on airports. We didn't drive all the way here to wait out the day. We wanted to walk on trails, maybe check out the beach and probably find elephant seals lounging on rocks. We were told that miles of Ano Nuevo State Reserve have trails that go down to the coast and seals have been sighted there.

2015 02 16_canonps_0533

2015 02 16_canonps_0538

The one trail we took looked out down to the beach and I found people tidepooling.

2014 02 16_0342

2014 02 16_0347

2014 02 16_0374

2014 02 16_0373

2014 02 16_0245

2014 02 16_0320

2014 02 16_0251

2014 02 16_0256

We then went to a different beach. One with less people. For some time it was just me and hubby walking the length of the beach.

2015 02 16_canonps_0548

2015 02 16_canonps_0544

2014 02 16_0354

2014 02 16_0294

2014 02 16_0273

2014 02 16_0281

A stop in town was made before leaving for home. We stopped for coffee and a little shopping. The small downtown is pretty charming with restaurants and small boutiques.

2015 02 16_canonps_0571

2015 02 16_canonps_0565

It was one foggy February day but it made a visit to the beach a pleasant experience.

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  1. Wow - that is a gorgeous place!

  2. love your photos! the beach and scenery looks like NZ!

  3. Fantastic place to explore and photograph.

  4. What a great day and it must have been awesome spotting the seals!!!...:)JP

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  6. That looks like a great day.

  7. Yes it looks like you had a great day. You even got to see a few seals.

  8. Amazing rocks formed by the water! Till now i still don't know what tide pooling means, i've read that somewhere before. And i laughed at the journey just to see mating zeals.

  9. Beautiful views of this place!

  10. Beautiful views of this place!

  11. so beautiful, thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Great shots ... love the beach, even in February. Looks so peaceful.

  13. I love it, all of it, but especially the tide pools. You can always go back later to see the seals. But don't forget to make a reservation! :)

  14. Great shots. I would love to drive on that road.

  15. Your picture record of this visit looks like you had a very interesting and worthwhile trip.

  16. Certainly not a wasted trip, even if you didn't see what you came for. Beautiful beaches .. I like the quiet one best ... Love those footprints in the sand. And the village looks charming and not too touristy. Perfect.

  17. I LOVE the footprints and pawprints!

  18. Such a beautiful place! Definitely worth the trip to see such views!

  19. Love the shots by the tidepools. We always do that in my hometown in Surigao when there's low tide. There are interesting things you see stranded in the pools!

  20. You have described your trip with very fine and interesting pictures!


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