A Day Trip to Murano

Day 2 saw us getting up early all excited to begin a new day of exploration. But first we needed to buy necessary supplies.

Front desk clerk told us nearest grocery store about 20 minutes away on foot on the adjacent street.

The neighborhood is quiet and safe and very pleasant. Houses with fences and lots of greenery are seen along the way. I could see myself living here – in this neighborhood. On this street, a small neighborhood café sits a few yards from our hotel. We made plans to breakfast there tomorrow.

A grocery that looks so much like the ones back home was at the end of the road. The merchandise however was all new to our eyes. Inside it had a bakery and a deli – both carried the most mouthwatering items. We lingered more than necessary, especially when a lost in translation confusion regarding Purell happened.

On the walk back we took the other side of the street. A few elderly ladies and gents were out walking too. Jampacked buses one after another passed by.

Upon arrival at Piazzale Roma, we immediately went to the get the vaporetto. Today, we wanted to visit Murano. Online many suggest taking time to visit this charming little island when the hustle and bustle of Venice gets to one’s nerves. Well, we don’t have irritated nerves but still wanted to experience Murano.

venice and greece 461

venice and greece 468

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We didn’t get off at the first stop for Murano. We knew nothing about this place except that it is famous for blown glass creations and home to blown-glass factories/workshops. There are tours for this we know. What we don’t know was where to get it while we’re here not online.

The only way to explore this island, this part of the island is by foot. We passed by many shops and boutiques carrying everything that we wanted and could not afford, especially the exquisite glass figurines. Behind one of the showrooms/store was a workshop the kiln is going but no one was around and the door has a thigh high fence/door, so you can see inside, but apparently not allowed to go in. It was then that we regretted not signing up for a tour.

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The Glass Museum was a great visit. The exhibit was remarkable. The experience was wonderful, although I was mildly chastised by museum guards for using the informational flyer as a fan while inspecting the glass items inside their glass case. The day was incredibly humid for mid October and the sun was in full force today unlike yesterday’s gloomy appearance. Apparently the same flyer will be surrendered when you leave the premises.

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We passed by an impressive looking brick church on the way to the museum and we wanted to visit it next. However, it was lunch time and my souvenir bag that I got from Turkey in 2009 that remained unused until this trip contained foccaccia and fruits and a bottle of wine from the grocery store we visited earlier today. Following the examples of people, we found a shady spot in front of the church to sit and eat lunch. Before we could even unpack our munchies, more people started to stake out lunch spots nearby.

The pretty brick church was prettier outside than inside in my opinion. You have to take my word for it because photography was not allowed inside.

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venice and greece 513



Afterwards we hit the pavement once more and entered more shops to browse. Eventually we settled on this one shop and, just like in Venice, purchased most of our loot here. In another store I couldn’t pass up the earring and necklace set in silver. The price was doable.


Much later, we took the vaporetto and got off at the first stop for Murano, where the lighthouse was. Except that we didn’t do anything here, staying near the vaporetto depot and eventually took the one that was Burano bound.



  1. lovely scenery! love the glassware :-)

  2. Venice has so much to see that I didn't have any spare time to visit Murano. I'll have to come back soon. :-)

  3. Beautiful place and fantastic photography ~ Lovely series of glass works too ~ You must have had a wonderful time!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. Wonderful shots and an interesting narrative. What a fantastic place to get to explore.

  5. Wow, what a great trip you had! The city is gorgeous, I love the buildings, people and the glassware. Awesome photos! Have a happy week!

  6. Most people just go to Venice, I am so glad you went to Murano. It is such a wonderful place with so much history. Thank you for the lovely ramble.

  7. I would love to have some of those beads and some painted glassware. It looks like you had quite a tour, what wonderful photographs.

  8. What a beautiful place to explore. We have a piece of Venetian glass in our house.

  9. That is a wonderful trip. The display on the glass museum are beautiful.

  10. What an adventure. That glass is exquisite.

  11. Wow! The brick church looks astounding under the sun. Those houses painted red and yellow with the balcony and a couple of tourist walking in front is also very nice.

  12. A lot of wonderful images of your trip to Murano! The place is unique indeed, and the glass works are so attractive! A very good post.

  13. Lovely scenery. Although I prefer Burano, Murano is charming too.

  14. The brick church looks magnificent.
    I wasn't able to visit Murano though I've been to Venice twice. Lol. Murano and Burano are in my bucket list, must visit soon. :)

  15. Wow! Just wonderful trip!
    Stunning pictures!
    I would love to go to Venice.

  16. I still have a necklace made of Murano glass. Love their work there.

  17. Wow i can imagine the sadness in me if i were there, because i know how expensive Murano glasses are! When in Rome i was able to get only those very very small ones for my capacity to pay! I can't even buy presents for friends. I always love how you do your narrative, wish i write as well. And i laughed at the people taking spots outside to eat and you substantiated it well with photos. Looking at your photos make me envious again, of course.

  18. that is some pretty nice buildings. Love the architechture and colors.

  19. I loved your photos and story! Venice is my favorite city in all the world! I've visited Murano twice and enjoyed the visits we made to the glass blowing factories but I was annoyed by the hard sell tactics some of the artisans used. They told my husband he was "cheap" because he was not buying me an expensive piece of glass as a souvenir. Hrmmph! Having a picnic is the best idea --we did that in multiple places in Italy.

  20. Dearest Photo Cache; OMG, Venice is my dream place after I visited once in my 40's :-) What a wonderful trip you had! I remember seeing the beautiful glassware and enjoyed the boat ride♪  
    So sorry for my belated comment, Wishing will have a wonderful rest of the week, Dear friend.

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


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