Early Morning at the Market

We awoke early on day 3 of our Venice vacation despite the late night we had on day 2. The purpose? We wanted to go to Rialto Market in Venice. Research online suggested that the best time to go to the market is early in the morning. So by 6 am we were waiting for a bus in front of the hotel. It was a Saturday and the buses were full on that early morning. We let one bus pass because there was simply no more room for us. The next bus came and it was also full, but we saw a pattern. The buses were jampacked on Saturday morning. I don't know where people were going in the early hours, but they did seem to have someplace to go in Venice. We jumped aboard and saw that most of the people in the bus were wearing a futbol uniform. There must be a game early in the morning.

We arrived at the Rialto when it's all quiet. The crowds were nowhere to be found, the tourists were apparently still asleep, and the stirring around the markets were made by the vendors and delivery men. The market was just waking up.

venice and greece 828
The Grand Canal on a beautiful Saturday morning from the Rialto Bridge.

venice and greece 832
Going down Rialto Bridge, the stores are all closed.

venice and greece 838
The calm before the storm.

venice and greece 821
Venice minus the crowd is peaceful.

venice and greece 844
More narrow alley.

The vendors were setting up shop.

venice and greece 883

venice and greece 872

venice and greece 874

venice and greece 876

venice and greece 877

venice and greece 851

Outside the Grand Canal was still very quiet.

venice and greece 862

venice and greece 892
The gondolier was getting ready for a busy day.

Delivery guys and workers were on break, cig break that is.

venice and greece 889

venice and greece 886

venice and greece 888
Not taking a cig break, but I thought he was interesting.

venice and greece 912
When we were done shooting and looking, we jumped into another vaporetto in search of breakfast.

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  1. gorgeous photos! I SO want to go there one day :-)

  2. Oh, such lovely shots! We stayed in Cannaregio and walked everywhere...

  3. Nice street photography. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful series of images on your trip! I love the buildings, marketplace and the people shots. Have a happy day!

  5. It's my dream to go to Venice one day. You've rekindled that dream with your wonder-filled photos!

  6. It's great to wake up early when the streets are less crowded. I love the people shots.

  7. Amazing seeing the quiet canals and the early morning light is fabulous. Great studies of the people too... You're very good at that!

  8. Wow! What an opportunity! Fantastic photography of a fascinating place ~ great colors!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. love the building with the gondolas in front! How much more Venetian can you get:) Awesome captures.

  10. The Grand Canal is really wonderful!
    You took stunning photos of Venice!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Terrific captures!! I love them and a wonderful chance for me to revisit Venice!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. I love all your photos. The scenes are so exotic to this guy in Tulsa.

  13. Great post, thanks for the tour!! Love that first shot of the Grand Canal.

  14. What a nice walk in Venice and the market, really delightful images!

  15. Astrid would be right with you that early in the day, Maria. I'd have to work on it but I would do it, too. The early bird really DOES catch the worm. Totally worth it to see Venice in a different light from all the tourists everywhere!

  16. the red peppers, the vaporetto, the mohawk guy and the market were all but lovely. ^0^
    have a gr8 weekend ahead.

    ps: everyone here's looking 4ward to the Fight of the yr, so no traffic this sunday, yehey!

  17. Very good shots! One more great series on Venice.

  18. It really does look peaceful without the crowds. I guess it pays to be early. Unfortunately, I'm more of a sunset than a sunrise person :D

  19. a great morning. Sharing the awakening of the city :)

  20. Such a different world to mine

  21. Nice shots! Here in the Philippines, they are copying Venice in Taguig City.

    Latest post: http://www.viralcompilations.com/2015/05/these-celebrities-undeniably-look-alike.html

  22. I'm impressed by how much of the world you've visited!

  23. Fantastic sequence of shots. I feel like I'm there. I'm not doing the memes for awhile.


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