End of Day 2

When a vaporetto arrived at Burano, we boarded it knowing that it will eventually go to Venice. Eventually. As it turned out the water bus was taking a few more stops than we wanted, but we weren't complaining. We stopped at two other islands that we didn't visit yet (although we stayed in the vaporetto) Lido and Torcello. And by the time it was going back to Venice, it was dark. It even took the long circuitous, back roads or back waters on the way to Venice.

venice and greece 739

venice and greece 743

venice and greece 794

venice and greece 788

venice and greece 811

venice and greece 750

We stopped at St. Mark's Square hoping to visit it minus the crowd. No luck. The place was as crowded at night and we tried our best to take our shots minus the crowd. We were quite successful.

venice and greece 771

venice and greece 772

venice and greece 775

venice and greece 778

venice and greece 757

venice and greece 766

Somewhere in Piazzale Roma we stopped for a bite to eat. The practice here is to get a spritz, the drink of Venice, and drink it standing in the bar. Unfortunately, I was too short to accomplish this, so we got a booth and a couple of Panini to complete our meal.




  1. Oh gosh - I love these night shots.

  2. I envy you ;-) I love to visit Venice, love the night shots. I'm not good with night shots hehehe

  3. Oh, yes indeed!!! I do love your night shots!!! Awesome!! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Gorgeous night time shots ~ What a lovely trip you had and the panini look relish!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. It's as beautiful at night as in the day - great shots!

  6. I've never seen it during the night as I had to take the early evening trip back to Padova where I was staying. I love Venice! Hope I can visit it again.

  7. Your pics of Burano are very interesting.

  8. Very fine night shots of Venice, always such a fascinating town!

  9. Venice looks even more magical at night! Beautiful!

  10. a great set of night images. Lovely light in all of them. Hard to pick a winner :)

  11. Venice at any time of day or night is beautiful - and your vaporetto ride certainly gave you some lesser-seen sights of this beautiful city.

  12. Hi! What nice trips you always have!  The night scene photos are very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the night shots, the lights are beautiful. It is a lovely city to visit.. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your trip!

  14. Stunning night photography. What an amazing city!

  15. So lovely to see something a bit different from Venice, lovely night-time photography


  16. just looking at the spritz and paninis makes me hungry.
    the nite shots are spectacular, the 3rd to the last reminded me of Donna Leon's novel.


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