Fancy Animal Carnival @ San Francisco Civic Center

Begging your indulgence in putting a pause on the very colorful Venice posts to give way to a post about colorful, fanciful sculptures from Taiwanese artist Hung Yi. I haven't heard of this artist before, but I'm glad I got to know of him through his work. It all started from a selfie on facebook. My FB friend wrote on the selfie, "A Good Day at Civic Center". I was fascinated by the background art and knowing the Civic Center area, I knew the art must be temporary installations. So I googled temporary art installations at Civic Center and I got the information that I needed. Please read this for a little background.

Let's look at the sculptures together:

2015 05 02_canonpws_1808

2014 05 02_pentax_1692

2014 05 02_pentax_1639

2014 05 02_pentax_1651

2014 05 02_pentax_1650

2014 05 02_pentax_1667

2014 05 02_pentax_1637

2014 05 02_pentax_1638

2014 05 02_pentax_1617

2014 05 02_pentax_1618

2014 05 02_pentax_1631

2014 05 02_pentax_1583

2014 05 02_pentax_1584

2014 05 02_pentax_1702

2014 05 02_pentax_1727

2014 05 02_pentax_1588

2014 05 02_pentax_1586

2014 05 02_pentax_1614

2014 05 02_pentax_1689

2014 05 02_pentax_1600

2014 05 02_pentax_1602

2014 05 02_pentax_1596

2014 05 02_pentax_1595

2014 05 02_pentax_1675

No matter how thorough I thought I was, I found out when I got home that I was missing information on a few sculptures.

2014 05 02_pentax_1624
Like the elephants.

2014 05 02_pentax_1671
Or the frog.

However, at the end (farthest from city hall) of the installation, there was a group of sculptures called Animal Circus.

2014 05 02_pentax_1641

2014 05 02_pentax_1743

There you have it a free, outdoor art exhibit. Every surface of the sculpture is filled with imagery and done in vivid bold colors. Reminds me so much of a Peter Max art work. Very happy and blessed to have access to wonderful works of art for free. Made my weekend.



  1. What wonderfully colorful artwork. Too bad it couldn't stay there forever! Very cool!

  2. What fun. I love this kind of art. So bright and engaging.

  3. Wow! that is very colorful.

  4. How lovely and cheerful!

  5. Many interesting colorful art works, what fun!

  6. I loved visiting the sculptures with you. they are so colourful and vibrant and seem to be in an area where many people can admire them as they walk past.

  7. Hi! Very colorful and very unique! I enjoyed your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very interesting and colorful art!

  9. I love the giraffe. It would be nice if they sell those in souvenir size. I think they're all cute.

  10. What a great art exhibit!

    I didn't see any mountain lions on my Spruce Mountain hike, but they roam all around this part of Colorado, so they're probably in that area.

  11. Just wonderful Maria. Made me happy just to see the pictures. To be there wonder it made your day and weekend. I love these ... And I always love outdoor art.

  12. Wow! How wonderful to see these creative animals and then to photograph them so well!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. Dearest Photo Cache; Wow, What colorful and cute art work of animals♡♡♡ I enjoyed them enlarging pics and kind of made my heart back to childhood days :-) So sorry for my belated comment, Dear friend.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  14. OMG, so many different animals being created in this wonderful way. Amazing!

  15. Those are beautiful works of art! Are they for sale? I love the cat sculpture (of course) hehe

  16. Thank you for sharing this delightful art installation. Such beautiful sculptures. Their vivid colors are such feast to the eyes. Free art is such a great treat.


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