Port of Call: Corfu Part 1

Corfu was the first port of call of the Greek islands cruise. Not as popular as Santorini, the island did not catch my attention right away. While prepping for the cruise, I made some inquiries online as to the must-see places. However, upon disembarking we made a spontaneous decision, all four of us, to rent a car and explore the island. Split 4 ways, it was a cheap alternative to sightseeing. Corfu is after all only 40 mi long and 20 mi wide. Doable for a day trip.

Since we had a car (car rental agency inside the port managed by very friendly lady), we opted to trail the tour buses leaving the port so that we may at least get to the tourist spots. In addition, having a car would give us flexibility to stay in one place as long or as little as we want.

We followed the buses along curvy undulating road. We saw an overlook by the road and stopped to survey the sparkly waters and took the mandatory selfies. Later, we took the same road and arrived at the St. Petros Beach in the town of Paleokastritsa. As we were parking, we saw the buses leaving for the monastery. We opted to stay behind and take in the views of the water. After all, there is only one road up to the monastery and we already know how to get there so we don't need to trail the buses anymore.

venice and greece 1018
Car rental lady explaining in detail the map to the husband. Her customer service is excellent. She's super friendly too.

venice and greece 1009
Going in that direction.

October 20, 2014 sky in Corfu - sunny and blue skies.

venice and greece 1026
Some clouds over sparkling water.

venice and greece 1027
Blue lagoon.

venice and greece 1031
Blue lagoon.

venice and greece 1043
Arrived at St. Petros Beach.

All smiles.

One more shot then I people watched.

venice and greece 1036

venice and greece 1059

venice and greece 1053

venice and greece 1058
Water so clear.

venice and greece 1041
Next stop, the monastery.

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  1. The first few slides i think looks like those in New Zealand, then those in the last with the rocks look like some in the Philippines. Those waters are realling so very clear, i wonder if there are marine life in there too.

  2. What a beautiful place for vacation! I love the crystal clear water.

  3. Lovely scenic shots of Corfu! I like the lagoon. Thanks for sharing your trip! Happy skywatching, have a great weekend!

  4. What a great vacation and what a gorgeous place!! Love your captures!! Thank you so much for sharing the fun and the beauty!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  5. That is a great trip to beautiful and scenic place.

  6. The lagoon is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. That looks like a very pretty island!

  8. A beautiful place indeed. All very nice images, love the clear water!
    Happy weekend!

  9. Corfu looks delightful!

  10. Awesome place. Enjoying your trip shots.

  11. I have GREAT memories of our one-day stop in Corfu on our Mediterranean cruise, Maria, years ago. One day we want to take in a longer cruise of just the Greek islands. We've been talking about it for a long time...maybe for when Astrid retires? Wouldn't that be a celebration!

  12. Hi! Nice captures. Beautiful sky and beautiful color of the sea. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I'm very envious - what lovely places you have visited :-)

  14. love the water! i want to jump in there right now. :) have a great weekend!!

  15. wow!! the place is absolutely gorgeous :)

  16. well, that is a beautiful place in every aspects. Loved to see it.

  17. That last photo of the water is so inviting. I was on Corfu in the early 80s. There was a Club Med there, with no electricity or running water in our huts. Sadly that, and donkeys, are my only memory of the island.

  18. Beautiful island. The car rental was a smart move!


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