Port of Call: Corfu Part 3

We limited our time at the monastery to include only a short prayer for safe travels and a quick visit to the small museum in the compound. Then we were back to the car and without a specific destination we drove off. There was only one road out and not many other roads to choose from. We kept on driving and arrived at a beach. I don't know what part of the island it was or what was the name of the beach. There appeared to be a resort but since this was the off season, there was barely anybody around. We got out of the car and stretched our legs and took more photos.

venice and greece 1132

venice and greece 1138

venice and greece 1174

venice and greece 1181

venice and greece 1183

Having taken all the pictures we wanted, we got back on the road hoping to have time to visit the Old Town, except that we got lost. We took the wrong road when we reached a fork on the road. Funny thing is when we stopped to ask for directions from an older lady tending the yard, she knew right away that we were lost. She said this was the part of the island where you could easily get lost because of fork in the road.

venice and greece 1152

venice and greece 1153

Back on track, we were back near the town when we passed by a grocery store. We stopped because, believe it or not, the husband and I like to visit local grocery stores for gifts for people back home. The goods are usually cheaper and you get to see what the locals buy. In addition, our friends had a pressing need for some medicine.

As I expected we took more time browsing and shopping than what our timetable allowed. But we got to sample some funky goodies and we got to buy what we needed.

As we were leaving the grocery store we asked a local for directions to the Old Town, and was told close to 8 km.

venice and greece 1186

venice and greece 1195

The Old Town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we only saw very little of it. The parking was tough and while the boys were looking for a spot, we started walking along the waterfront to reach the Old Fortress. It was a hot day in late October and more sightseeing was the last thing on our mind. Also on our mind was the nearing time that we had to be back on the boat. So when the boys finally joined us, we decided to grab a little snack in the cafe overlooking the fort.

venice and greece 1196



venice and greece 1241

venice and greece 1218


venice and greece 1214

venice and greece 1230

While my companions opted for sandwiches and salads, I opted for this heat buster.


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  1. I also love visiting local grocery shops because I get to see what locals eat and buy. Also, I get to check out the candy aisle and stock for the duration of our trip.

  2. @Kayni - true with candy and snack aisle. We found some Lays potato chips in various flavors that you don't get to see here in the US. We had some excellent chocolates too.

  3. I like the idea of shopping local grocery stores. Gorgeous scenery.

  4. Great shots. I love seeing the places you have explored.

  5. What a nice trip! Great series of images, the ice cream was a good choice!

  6. I like the contrast between the countryside and the town proper. But both scenery are idyllic. We never got the chance to return to Greece to visit its isles, Athens was our only Greek destination but that was way back in 1998. Ages ago!

  7. So beautifully Greek! Apart from the Zanzibar sign, of course! LOL!

  8. Stopping at the grocery store is a great idea. I love the scenery, especially the coastal scenes, windmill and the fort. Great photos, thank for sharing your trip! Enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead!

  9. Ah, beautifully Greek indeed!! The weeks that I spent there a number of years ago are still my favorite travel memories!! I would love an opportunity to return there!! I do love your captures, thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Once the craziness of the move has finished I hope to have time to get back to perusing other people's blogs. Brooke @Out and About EU

  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Once the craziness of the move has finished I hope to have time to get back to perusing other people's blogs. Brooke @Out and About EU

  12. What gorgeous photos of a wonderful Island ~ such history ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. This is one island I haven't visited yet but would liked to.

  14. I love those shots of the area around the fort. Beautiful!!

  15. That is quite the trip. Thank you for sharing. I love the heart buster.

  16. Great images captured on the drive. I like the variety.

  17. your photos bring back wonderful memories. thanks for sharing,

  18. The beach is nice and pretty town next to the sea.

    Have a good weekend!

    Alex's World! - http://alex.kakinan.com

  19. Very wonderful island.
    Enjoying your trip shots.

  20. Looks so relaxing and wonderful!

  21. Hi there! You've visited one of my favourite places. Corfu is a lovely island to explore with many picturesque villages and friendly people. It is greener and more lush than some of the other Greek islands. We have been a number of times in the spring when the wild flowers are simply beautiful. We shall return this coming October and hope for the good weather that you enjoyed.

  22. Now I feel like having a break and going these!!!! Fantastic!

  23. Hi! The fort photos are very interesting. Nice shopping at the grocery store. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I want to go back, I want to go back, I want to go back!!

  25. What an amazing island - your photos are wonderful.

  26. It would have been so delightful to have been there with you! You saw so so many great places!


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