AIDS Walk 2015 (Summer Series #2)

Today I am sharing photos from this year's annual AIDS WALK in San Francisco. My husband's company is one of the main sponsors of the walk and so they field in a team each year. This year the contingent is much smaller than the previous walk that I have attended, but still it was a fun day.

The region was having an atypical weather for that week - hot and humid, overcast with temporary sunshine getting through the clouds. There was even thunder, imagine that!

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3005

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3010
Early arrivals

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3013
Towards main stage

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3036
Team Bio-Rad

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3055
Free food and water

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3048
A little soccer before the walk

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3050
Giants represent

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3062
Singing and zumba on the main stage before the walk

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3063
Team Cannabis

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3061
Team Gap

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3070
Participants before the walk

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3091
Companies' AIDS WALK t-shirts are one of the main attractions for me.

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3022
Follow the arrow

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3087
Congregating at the starting line

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3088
Sure auntie will find her group

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3077
Walking for a cause

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3092
6 miles around the Golden Gate Park

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3116
Performers are stationed at intervals

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3120
Stanford mascot

2015 07 19_canonrebel_3122
Martial arts Filipino style on display

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  1. what a nice and meaningful event.

  2. What a great event for the charity! I love the images, the performers must have had fun too. Great shots! Have a happy weekend!

  3. A great way to help raise awareness.

  4. Salute to people who produce meaningful events like this! :)

  5. such a great event with great shots - happy weekend :-)

  6. The mascot makes me smile. Great and noble event.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  7. What a wonderful day! My daughter is coming soon to do the marathon - I'm sure she would have been in this if it had been on when she gets there. Thanks for youe visit.

  8. one for good cause! keep up the good work!

  9. Hi! The volunteer's T-shirt is very cool. The mascot is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Excellent coverage of this event in fine pictures.

  11. Great initiative by the family to fight the evil.

  12. I am SO PROUD of you and Hubbie for doing this year after year. THANK YOU from all of us who care!

    (BTW, I was able to fix the link on my post today for the Nicholas book. Thanks for the heads-up.)


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