Anniversary Trip to Cabo San Lucas

Around 5 years ago we took a cruise that stopped in Cabo San Lucas. While the resort town did not impress me then, I took a gamble on it again and returned for a longer visit for this year’s version of annual anniversary trip. And also a welcome summer trip of sorts.

Cabo greeted us outside the airport with its warmth, literally.

2015 05 25_canonpws_2113

The late May sun brought plentiful sunshine on the resort town and the breeze cooled off a bit of the warmth. I enjoyed people watching while waiting for our ride to the resort.

Later we just found that there was only one other couple in the shuttle with us. On the one-hour drive to the resort we enjoyed the passing scenery of dry, arid, deserty landscape in silence.

We were all dropped off at the same resort. We never saw them again after that initial encounter.

2015 05 25_canonpws_2129

2014 05 28_pentax_2180

2014 05 28_pentax_2181

2015 05 26_canonpws_2016

The resort that we stayed in was quite nice. Okay so it’s better than nice and likely within my comfort zone level. I would not know how to act when I’m in a 5-star accommodation, you see? I really like the middle-of-the-road, family-friendly resorts that would not pooh-poohed our choice of outfits.

2015 05 25_canonpws_2135

2015 05 26_canonpws_2090
Perfectly located in Medano Beach with a view of The Arch, we were welcomed by the friendly front desk and paper works were completed quickly. We were given a spacious room with kitchenette, which saw no use since we were under an All-Inclusive plan. It faces a garden and front of the building. The resort has a buildings and the property has 2 other resorts - La Estancia and Villa del Arco - both sister resorts of the one we were staying.

Famished, we eschewed the restaurant for the sports bar. The decision turned out to be fabulous. The best steak quesadilla I’ve ever had was served there. I initially ordered a salad (who am I kidding, right?) but the friendly server was insistent on me getting a taste of their steak quesadilla. And since I haven’t had food inside of me since breakfast and it was already nearing 4 pm Cabo time, why not? The husband ordered a couple more dishes and a couple of tall glasses of ice cold libations and we formally entered the vacation zone.

2015 05 26_canonpws_2076

2015 05 28_canonpws_1983

2015 05 28_canonpws_1982

For the next few days we have enjoyed our time in this beautiful resort. There is a buffet restaurant with a show at dinner time – we didn’t eat at the buffet. There’s a taco bar that serves the most delicious, moist and mouth-watering variety of tacos, and the cocktails are terrific. Some of our meals were had at the main restaurant, Bella California, where they serve buffet breakfast and dinner, seafood, and pasta at lunch and dinner. The restaurant is strategically located beachside and with views of the turquoise water and the marvelous rock formation, The Arch.

2015 05 25_canonpws_2147

2015 05 26_canonpws_2055

The workers we encountered were all friendly. I had no complaints. They remember us from the day before and the smile on their face is automatic, yet sincere. The food was wonderful, especially the tacos and the quesadilla. The seafood was also great. There are only two pools and can be crowded. There are two Jacuzzis but the entire time we were there the jets on one of them was turned off and we couldn’t find anyone to turn them on.

All in all, it was a wonderful few days in Cabo to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I may be persuaded to return again, if the right deal is available.

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  1. I've never visited Cabo but I've heard many good things about it. The resort you staye d n was very nice and the food looks terrific! I love tacos of all kinds but shrimp tacos are my favorite!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Cabo! Thanks for reinforcing that it's a place I need to see!

  3. From your description, it seemed like a place to visit. So it was good you revisited. Everything looked good.

  4. Love your beach pics! Me thinks you took this trip for the food:):) Looks scrumptious!

  5. I like the middle of the road places also. It looks like a great place for an annviersary.

  6. That looks beautiful - I'd love to visit there one of these years.

  7. Beautiful shots, but a bit depressing to me. We used to drive down to Cabo every summer... before the cruise ships and resorts, with just some sleepy little hotels and no crowds. Used to just pull our cars up on the beach, put up our tents and camping gear, and camp and fish for a week or two, then drive back to San Diego! Fun times.

  8. You sure know how to find the good deals, Maria. Did I tell you that we're planning a trip to Malta next year, close to our 6th wedding anniversary?! We can hardly wait.

  9. Lovely shots! And happy belated Anniversary!

  10. hm, makes me want to pack my bags and go!

  11. Wonderful blue skies....such an interesting, fun Anniversary trip!

  12. The beach photos are splendid and the food looks delish.
    Saan ka nga pala galing sa Pinas? Have a happy happy anniversary!!!

    Visiting you from Skywatch: The Citizen Soldier

  13. Happy anniversary! :-)
    like your photos much.
    Thank you for dropping by.

  14. You do find the nice places! Have never been to Cabo, but we stayed in an all-inclusive in Puerto Valarta and loved it! So nice to have no worries and good food and drink along with the scenery,

  15. The resort looks very nice. I love the colours of the buildings set against that deep blue sky, particularly in your fourth shot. Hope you had a happy anniversary.


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