Mykonos in Doors and Windows, etc

I was trigger happy once we were exploring the Little Venice area on foot. Again, Santorini has a charm of it's own, but the allure of Mykomos cannot be ignored. I took so much pleasure in the beautiful yet simple architecture. Look what I enjoyed.

greece and venice 2014 195




greece and venice 2014 215

greece and venice 2014 270

greece and venice 2014 287

greece and venice 2014 309

greece and venice 2014 227

greece and venice 2014 254

greece and venice 2014 310

greece and venice 2014 312

greece and venice 2014 315

greece and venice 2014 321

greece and venice 2014 327

greece and venice 2014 351

greece and venice 2014 361

greece and venice 2014 355



  1. It's like HEAVEN, Maria. Total bliss in its colorful simplicity. I love it all. Did I ever tell you that our favorite Greek restaurant--the one we go to every year on Christmas Day, for one thing--is name Mykonos! YUP.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  3. Stunning shots … intriguing and mystical as only doors and windows can be with their implications of something beyond.

  4. Oh, gorgeous indeed and thanks for the memories -- I have spent time on Mykonos and I loved every minute!! Terrific captures!! Have a great new week!!

  5. What a great selection of coloured doors. You have a very good eye for great photos.

  6. Hello, beautiful collection of doors. My favorites are the blue doors and white buildings. They are classic looking! Have a happy new week ahead!

  7. Confession: I would be trigger happy there, too! I love the doors and windows!

  8. What a lovely place, although some of those buildings look like they've seen better days.

    Your comment about parks in the SF bay area definitely brings back memories. That's one of the few places in the country I'd really like to live, if it wasn't for the insane expense. But that cost will prevent me from ever considering the move.

  9. Interesting doors and windows. Nice contrast.

  10. Great pictures! Takes me right back to when we were in Mykonos! I didn't have a good camera then...I would go crazy taking pictures there now!

  11. Beautiful series of doors and windows.

  12. A very good series showing the outside doors and windows of these white buildings.

  13. Nice pictures. The blue and white looks so clean and serene. What a lovely adventure!

  14. Absolutely stunning pictures! Santorin still is on my travel wish list ... thanks for showing around!

  15. Love Mykonos and Santorini!!! Thanks for visiting my Photographic Journey!!!

  16. Beautiful collection of doors and windows, very interesting!

  17. I am so in love with that blue! Why don't we use that color in this country?


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