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On the 7th day, our cruise ship returned to the port of embarkation, Venice, early in the day. In order to seize this day, we had to ditch our heavy luggage. Fortunately, our friends' hotel was a stone's throw away from Piazzale Roma. while the check-in was not until later that day, the front desk allowed us to leave our luggage with them while we go and see Venice on a beautiful blue sky day.

The day was meant for sightseeing, for being a tourist in Venice and we enjoyed every bit of it.


The line to St. Mark's Basilica was kilometric, that whatever aspirations I had vanished at the sight of the queue. Thinking that there might be chance later on to get inside the basilica, we opted to go up the Campanile first. For a small fee (I believe less than 10 euros), you get to ascend via the elevator to the top. The views from up there are incredible. The sight of red roofs everywhere in my mind is quintessential European sight.

greece and venice 2014 779
Crowding in front of the basilica, there's a line somewhere.


And the views from up there.......

greece and venice 2014 720

greece and venice 2014 721

greece and venice 2014 728

greece and venice 2014 737

greece and venice 2014 735


greece and venice 2014 738

greece and venice 2014 732
When we were up there, the bells rang. Really loud. I was glad for it.

Back down, we bravely ventured into St. Mark's Square and it's like a market place. People talking, posing, taking selfies, but you can tell everyone's happy.

greece and venice 2014 789



Leaving the square we ventured deeper into the alleys - window-shopping and admiring the architecture.

greece and venice 2014 820

greece and venice 2014 797

greece and venice 2014 833

greece and venice 2014 851

greece and venice 2014 813

greece and venice 2014 811


Since we were playing our tourist role to the hilt, why not do the quintessential tourist thing in Venice and ride the gondola? Split four-ways the price was reasonable and doable. Upon hopping on the very shaky gondola, I asked if the gondolier would burst out into a romantic song. His reply? Only in the movies, only in the movies. The ride was over too soon I thought, but we did go into smaller canals that you wouldn't otherwise see unless you take the tour.


greece and venice 2014 850a

greece and venice 2014 855

greece and venice 2014 856

greece and venice 2014 868

greece and venice 2014 822

By the time we completed all these, it was check-in time for our friends.



  1. molto bellisima! I hope to see Venice soon!
    I like the arial shots, just beautiful.
    although I don't think we'd try the gondola rides, tempting... but too pricy... ^0^

  2. I love how old the city and the architecture is, how blessed you were to be there :-)

  3. Long time ago we took a day tour to Venice and enjoyed it immensely despite the crowds of people. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera yet. Love all the birds eye views - the red roofs, yes, typically European (Am from the Netherlands). Great you could get rid of your luggage for that day! Thanks for the pleasant memories!

  4. All lovely shots of the beautiful Venice ~ my favorites are the creative shots of the European type doors and windows ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. wonderful photos, I haven't seen lately such nice photos of Venice.

  6. Love the aerial shot from what looks like the top of St. Marks, looking down on the gondolas! I remember all that beautiful glass ware in the shops...the photos brought back memories! And I also loved the gondola shots from in the gondolas!!! Looks like a wonderful time in Venice!!!

  7. Beautiful tour of Venice. Very nice architectures.

  8. Wow! Great images brought back such fond memories of my past Venice visits.

    Oh yes those gondola rides cost a fortune but well worth every cent when you explore Venice from a different angle. I'm amazed how the gondolier can navigate such tiny nooks and crannies. Smooth sailing generally until he ventured into a portion of open sea and the waves were quite strong, got me worried but he assured us it was safe. hehehe

  9. Wow - so many utterly stunning shots!

  10. Aww Venice ! I have been there many times and still discover new things ! It's a very special town.

  11. You have taken some different views of Venice which I like very much especiall the reflections in St Mark's square.

  12. This was obviouslty a wonderful daty for you. The view from the high viewpiont was marvelous. A very interesing post.

  13. What a wonderful series of Venice images . It is a beautiful city, I would love to go on a gondola ride. Great post and photos. Have a happy week!

  14. Gorgeous photos! I'm ready to go back. And this time I will go up the bell tower.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  15. What a perfect day. That's a city I'd absolutely love to visit.

  16. Our gondola driver sang for us... :p Maybe I was in a movie then and I didn't know? :p

  17. Gorgeous captures of a magnificent city!


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