Cabo's Got The Blues

Blue is the predominant hue in Cabo. Different shades of blues. Ironically, these blues (of the water and the sky) will chase away your blues. It's difficult to hold on to your despondency or melancholy when you feel the sea breeze on your cheeks and hear the water lapping against your burnt shin.

We were in vacation mode the entire time we were there. We had plans of getting a rental car and taking a short road trip to nearby art haven Todos Santos and get a selfie in front of the popular Hotel California. But, we can't tear our lazy bones away from the beach loungers where our butts seemed to be stuck.

Besides, on the last two days we were there the sun kicked the heat up a notch. It was too hot to do anything. Which is why I don't have many photos of said vacation to share.

Here are photos that I have taken of the wonderful week-long breather from every day life. Just looking at them gives me a little sample of a Mexican vacation.

2015 05 25_canonpws_2111
Sign on a bar outside of airport.

2014 05 27_pentax_2296
Vacation attire.

2014 05 27_pentax_2252

2014 05 27_pentax_2254
Color scheme?

2014 05 27_pentax_2247
In the heat of the day we travel by pedicab.

2014 05 27_pentax_2240
Double order of soup of the day for me.

2014 05 27_pentax_2227
Charming little courtyard

2014 05 27_pentax_2212
Photo shoot on Pacific side. Medano Beach is on the Sea of Cortez side.

2014 05 27_pentax_2209
Beach rocks, Pacific Ocean.

2014 05 27_pentax_2210
A man and chairs.

2015 05 27_canonpws_2011
A man and chairs and the sky.

2014 05 27_pentax_2215
Up there is where the rich and famous lives.

2014 05 27_pentax_2219
Are you in vacation mode yet?

2014 05 27_pentax_2217
Pacific Ocean side has rough waves.

2015 05 27_canonpws_2010
Swim up bar.

2015 05 27_canonpws_2009
Vivid colors.

2015 05 26_canonpws_2088
Stumbled upon this bewitching scene. This is a restaurant.

2015 05 29_canonpws_1933
Most likely you would find me in this vicinity.

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  1. Fabulous series of shots.

  2. You posted a fine group of pictures. The area looks so appealing. Well done!

  3. he, he, you obviously did "tear our lazy bones away from the beach loungers" cause you do have some nice photos demonstrating the relaxed nature of the place.

  4. Wonderful series of photos. Love the artistic effect of the empty chairs lined up to watch the sea.

  5. Thank you for this mini-vacation. I think I'll have some of that soup, too. I could sip it on one of those loungers by the sea!

  6. Wonderful images from your Cabos Vacation. It looks awesome. Have a happy weekend ahead!

  7. Thanks, I'm now officially in vacation mode! Think I'll go grab some "soup of the day"!!

  8. Yes, I'm ready to go there - it looks perfect.

  9. Oh I am totally chilled out now. We love beach vacations but this year my MIL bought us a great Hawaiian cruise and we had a great time but I sure miss my beach time.

  10. To me you are already belonging to the 'rich and famous', hahaha. O else you wont be travelling a lot, you wont have a camera and wont have a lot more!

  11. Great shots!
    Please come link up at this week's Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday):

  12. A wonderful series of photos!

  13. Great series of lovely photos of your vacation. Love the scenery, beaches, etc.

  14. lots of goodies in your shots :) Wish I was there too.

  15. Your images are always so fine, a wonderful sequence here!

  16. My favorite shot is of the man on the beach with the chairs. Such lovely colors!

  17. Your photos are beautiful. I like the second photo.

  18. Now you make me want to go on holidays, lay on the beach and enjoy sunshine instead of "my" rain !
    Love the beach rocks,picture !

  19. This whole series looks like fun. I like the vivid colors on every hand. A fun post!

  20. I like especially the beach pictures in this serie the ones with the chairs and the beach rocks.

    Visiting from Skywatch Friday, greetings from Hilde


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