Genoa: Last Glance

Alas it was time to board the ship and get ready to sail out of beautiful Genoa. As I write this post, I feel regret that I was not able to sample local cuisine. And speaking of regrets, there were plenty more of sightseeing that I would have wanted to do. For sure, a few days stay is warranted for an interesting city like Genoa. Sadly I only have the few hours.

Once we were back on the ship, we immediately hightailed it to the deck to glance lovingly at this charming city. I remember that the temperatures had dropped even before we were done sightseeing and by the time we were ready to leave it was downright cold. There was no sunset to speak of, but the descending sun's golden rays reflected on the building making everything look pretty golden.

canon genoa malaga 2014 110

canon genoa malaga 2014 112

canon genoa malaga 2014 114

canon genoa malaga 2014 115

canon genoa malaga 2014 117

canon genoa malaga 2014 119

canon genoa malaga 2014 121

Till we meet again, Genoa!

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  1. Beautiful shots.

  2. I can imagine the disappointment in not having more time to visit, Maria, but as I often said on our cruises, you get a feel for what you want to go back to, if you ever get the chance!

  3. Beautiful! I love how the buildings looked golden. That is one of my complaints about cruises - just not enough time to see and explore the place.

  4. You're leaving shots are excellent.

  5. Very picturesque scene. Nice job on the photograph.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  6. Those are marvelous images. I always feel so much more pressure when departing to capture the highlights of the place-- the spots we visited and the landmarks that we never had time to experience close up.

  7. What an amazing place. I love your pics you did capture the golden light just right. I love all the many different type boats in the harbor and the variety of buildings.

  8. Hello, gorgeous views of the city. It is an amazing place to visit. You will have to go back for the food. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Stunning place! Have a grat weekend:)

  10. Golden light indeed, awesome images.
    Happy weekend!

  11. I've loved your posts from Genoa... thank you for sharing your photos of such a gorgeous city! I hope to be traveling there soon with my family :)


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