A San Francisco Interlude

A year and a half ago, my late MIL's dearest friend who stood as a second mother to my husband stayed with us for a week. I was not going to blog about this, but today as I was browsing through the old photos in my computer I saw these photos again and saw the joy in her face as she played like a little girl in Ocean Beach in San Francisco during an outing in the city. As fate would have it, the beach was littered with sand dollars that day. She had a ton of fun picking up sand dollars for her to take back home as souvenirs. The sky that day was equally glorious, so I said why not and share these photos with you.

canon 222

canon 229

canon 227

canon 226

canon 236

canon 231

canon 248

canon 246

canon 243

canon 242

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  1. Love that look on her face...she's so happy to be in waters. The shots are all gorgeous.

  2. Wow! magnificent shore shots and your dear friend picking up sand dollars ~ Beautiful skies also ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you ~ ^_^

  3. Great pics, my son still has a look of joy when we make it to the beach.

  4. Beaches are like that.
    Thank you for these happy pics.

  5. Awesome photos of Ocean Beach and lovely clear blue skies! It looks like you all had a fantastic day.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Alex's World! - http://alex.kakinan.com

  6. I like the second shot with the joyful expression! Cool to see all those sand dollars, too. Fun times!!

  7. Hello, a lovely happy face. Beautiful images from the beach! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a beautiful beach - it looks like a really fun day.

  9. Sweet photos! It was truly a virtual visit to the beach!!! Thank you!
    ~ Maria

  10. Wow, wonderful photos. Looks like a lovely day at the beach. Great shot of the Bridge!

  11. Lovely pictures of the sunny beatc!

  12. really wonderful. Loved to see the woman walking around the beach.

  13. it feels like "having a great time of my life"

  14. lovely beach,must be fun time there.

  15. The beach is always a delight to see, no matter what part of the world!

  16. This is wonderful Maria! It's lovely to experience or witness pure joy (at any age).. And as far as I am concerned a quiet beach is one of the best places for such joy! ...

  17. Lovely captures!

    Happy Easter!

  18. I've never seen so many sand dollars on ocean beach before! treasures!


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