When we docked in exotic Casablanca in the African country of Morocco, our ears were assaulted with shouts of taxi, taxi, taxi! It’s something we expected from a port city. It makes us happy to see so many competing for our business – that would mean we can barter for a good price. The first taxi driver that approached us did not give us a good price so we moved on. As it turned out we went from taxi driver #1 named Mohammad to taxi driver #2 named Mohammad. It is a very common name. Negotiations went smoothly with Mohammad #2 so we went with him.

Casablanca is the penultimate port in this 9-day cruise and like the previous ports I conducted a “see-what-happens” attitude to exploring the city. It turned out, luckily, that Mohammad has a set itinerary. He also was able to communicate fairly well in English.

On the drive from port to city, Mohammad was spewing memorized spiel about spots we were passing. I was hardly listening, to be honest, as I was trying to get as much drive by shots as I could. I was so fascinated by the passing street scenes that I could not resist. However, while the people were friendly and were waving at us – no escaping the tourist look on us – the window needs cleaning and a drizzle came down - sadly I had to quite shooting.

We passed by RICK’S CAFÉ. My ignorance on its significance to the people of Casablanca was evident. My husband, who also has not watched the 1942 classic film CASABLANCA starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, was likewise lost why we are stopping at a restaurant. We were not even hungry. But Mohammad was persistent; he wanted us to take our photos by the door – even though the restaurant was closed. To avoid offending him, we took photos, which I posted as a status update on my facebook account. My brother commented: “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.” Of course not having seen the movie his comment further puzzled me, so I Googled it and found what it is. As an update I still haven’t seen the movie despite a promise to see it after visiting the city in 2014.

The first part of the tour was visiting the second largest mosque in whole world the Hassan II mosque (separate post). We took our time here especially when the drizzle got a bit stronger.

Next in Mohammad’s agenda was a drive through and a walk through the waterfront area or La Corniche. We arrived there in bad weather and the sea was rough, big waves crashing against the rocky edge. We were persuaded to stroll and I appreciated the walk, even though it was chilly and very windy.

The shoreline was lined with restaurants and resorts and the walkway was pretty crowded with a combination of tourists and locals using it for jogging/running. Mohammad told us to meet him at McDonald’s at the end of the road. I was tempted to see what they’re selling in the local McDonald’s but we didn’t succumb to temptation.

As photographed from a moving car.

2014_10_5 007
Our driver Mohammad showing us the way to Rick's Cafe.

2014_10_5 008
Ordinary facade isn't it?

Street scene.

Colorful street scene.

Airing laundry.

Hotel Excelsior.

Love the tiles.

2014_10_5 111
Driving around.

2014_10_5 132
Gloomy day

I find this beautiful.

Looking out to the Atlantic.

La Corniche

2014_10_5 094
Strolling La Corniche in a drizzle

Rough seas.

Fishing in rough seas.


To be continued……………………….



  1. Very interesting post about Casablanca.
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. Happy easter too! ^-^
    No egg hunting though, we just had instant noodles and watched tv re-runs all day.
    I hope you have a blessed sunday.

    Casablanca is beautiful amidst the gloomy weather.
    I wish you guys had more time so you can enjoy the sights,.

  3. Hello, I have seen the movie Casablanca and love the Humphrey Boart movies. It is neat to see the street scenes and people shots. Great post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. It looks an exciting city.

  5. Interesting details and amazing you had not seen the classic movie. I always associate Casablanca with Bogart. Mohammad would have fit in well playing a part in that movie.

  6. What amazing photos of a beautiful place and gad ~ can't believe you have not seen the movie Casa Blanca ~ You must be very young??? ~ ^_^

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  7. Wonderful shots of the place.

  8. For me when one mentions "Casablanca" the classic movie instantly comes to mind. Wow they were able to preserve Rick's Cafe from 1942, excellent! The Moroccan city is quite exotic just as I imagined it would be. Btw, quite brave of you to venture into that part of the globe and I'm glad you did so we can view these great shots of a land far far away. :)

  9. What a very interesting post as I am sure we all remember that very famous film.

  10. Lovely street scenes. Must have been a great trip.

  11. The hotel looks like a Casa blanca. I remembered the old movie.Ingrid was very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The hotel looks like a Casa blanca. I remembered the old movie.Ingrid was very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I've never seen the movie Casablanca so I probably wouldn't know as well about Rick's Cafe. :p

  14. What an amazing city - I'd love to see it in real life.

  15. I would love to visit Morocco. It is one of those places that I have contemplated for a long time. Casablanca looks very different from other Moroccan cities (for what I have seen in pictures). I get a bit overwhelmed when I am in one of those "Taxi, taxi, taxi" situations.

  16. I did a round trip through Morocco and remember Casablanca well. Nice city !

  17. Beautiful place - wonderful photos!
    Thank you for sharing at

  18. It's nice to have a taxi driver who plays travel guide but sometimes they talk so much and we are caught between wanting to listen, and trying to take in as much of the place as we can. :)
    Thank you for taking us through Casablanca.
    I'm definitely coming back for more. :)

  19. Very nice photos. I would love to visit Morocco someday.

  20. I have been to Morocco but did not visit Casablanca. Seem like a mistake when I see your images :)

  21. Just beautiful post and photos of Casablanca!
    Wow! Just great you see the RICK’S CAFÉ! I loved so much this classic film CASABLACA and I review it many times.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Casablanca...I can imagine the intrigue. Did I tell you that a week from today we fly to Malta for 11 days?? We can hardly stand it.....

  23. Amazing trip destination as always... I scrolled back to read all you've posted about this exotic location. Ricks Cafe is the only thing I DID know about Casablanca!

  24. I always love checking out what local McDonalds are selling! Especially the Happy Meal toys. :p

  25. Great post! I enjoyed this virtual trip to a famous city.
    Thanks for joining us on the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see you there this week too.


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