It Could Not Get Any Crazier Than This

Okay so I have been documenting here the cruise of the Mediterranean that I took in October-November of 2014. This was my 7th cruise and the first time with MSC cruise line. The cruise left Barcelona visiting the ports of Marseille, Genoa, Malaga, Casablanca and Lisbon before returning to Barcelona.

The experience was quite different from the 6 previous cruises that we took. The MSC cruise that we took lack the many little details that we are used to getting. Thus, despite the wonderful ports of call the entire experience was unsatisfying. I was very sad that we took a chance with MSC. The Americans in the cruise advised me to go with the flow and stop looking for the "stuff" that the other cruise lines provided.

Anyway, the majority of the cruisers were European and they seemed fully content with the meager offerings of the cruise. So I let all my initial disappointments melt away.

And if all these were not enough, the cruising experience got a little crazier.

On Genoa day, we were in the elevator with a group of Chinese people with camera. I have never seen any Chinese or Asian in the cruise before this day. It appeared they were filming. The equipment looked very professional looking. The husband mentioned that they might be filming their cruise. I disagreed. I was sure this was some sort of professional work and not for personal reminder of the cruise.

We forgot about the elevator experience until we heard an overhead announcement that a group of Chinese actors were filming a reality show in the cruise and they need audience members for their "concert". Since I was bored to death, not the type to just lie under the sun in the deck, I dragged the hubby in the theater to watch the show.

One of the actors translated for the entire cast. They are Chinese actors and singers, parents with their kids all in show business traveling all over Europe to have time to be together because back in China they all have their own busy lives to live and had no time to bond with each other.

Since there were few people who responded to the call, we were seated near the front row and I was totally entertained. I was laughing like a hyena and before I knew it, a camera was shoved in my face, capturing my reaction. I have no way of knowing if my crazy face and laugh made it to the final cut of the show, I'm curious. Who knows I may be a big star in China - just kidding people.

barcelona montserrat marseilles 2014 360
The ship.

canon genoa malaga 2014 167

canon genoa malaga 2014 170

canon genoa malaga 2014 173

canon genoa malaga 2014 175
The entire cast.

We didn't take many photos, but we took a few video clips.

canon genoa malaga 2014 165

canon genoa malaga 2014 169

canon genoa malaga 2014 174



  1. Hello, it sounds like you still enjoyed your time on the cruise. I have not heard of MSC cruise lines. Wonderful collection of images, now you are a star. Happy Monday,enjoy your week ahead!

  2. We didn't care much about the entertainment or silly games on the cruises we went on . The ports of call were what we loved (and we didn't even mind just looking out at the water...with a good book of course.) So this cruise line would probably have been fine for us (assuming they fed you well ... We did enjoy the food of course!)

  3. What a delightful experience and lovely photography ~ I am not a fan of cruises anyway ~ but the Asians seemed to put on a good show ~ and as Sallie said I hope the food was excellent ~ and the 'ports of call' ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  4. I am a bit scared of deep waters, so i normally travel by plane, but if someone gives me a ticket for the cruise ships, i will go. You are lucky for making so many cruises, i am sure comparison is always there. When we went to an island in Waiheke, NZ a Chinese lady (walang kahihiyan) was the laughing stock of the passengers. She stayed in front of everybody in front of the boat, while her friend is taking her photo. Most of the passengers are Europeans, Asians are only 2 of us, 5 Japanese and these 2 Chinese ladies. She has a long slit on her long red dress, nice-looking thirty-ish lady, who cons her friend always to repeatedly take her picture. The friend obliged always. Everybody seems bored already with her. Then suddenly there was a strong wind and people all laughed loudly because her wig was swept away. Nobody knows that is a wig before this happened. I also had a very loud laugh, i looked at everybody and they all did. She hurriedly picked up her wig, and they stopped taking pictures, at last they went to their seats. The passengers still had smiles on their faces, talking about them long after they left. BWAHAHA!

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, and; for dropping in at my blog today

    much love...

  6. Maybe this will turn out to be the best of cruises for you as you become a big star in China!

  7. That sounds like fun, despite the lack of "polish" on the cruise.

  8. What an entertainment! Who knows of China doesn't sound at all:):)

  9. Sounds like so much fun!

  10. We did almost the same cruise in 2004 but with Costa. It was very nice nothing to complain. But what a fun you had with your Chinese show ! I would have laughed my head off too ! To our Western ears the Chinese songs sound like a cat concert !

  11. Such fun!
    Thanks for sharing at

  12. Hi Maria, I actually knew which reality show you're talking about. ^-^
    It's about a group of parents travelling with their adult kids on a round the world trip, some of them are well known actors/directors, there was even a korean actress who joined but I think backed out on the 5th episode.
    It's also about how they get along and understand each other despite the differences.
    they started their journey in Tibet, then went to India and then I gave up.
    It's one of the most cheesiest, err-boring-est show i've seen to date. ^0^
    The one you posted on picture 4 was the most "epal" couple. ^-^
    sorry, no english translation on the word epal.

  13. I wonder if you did make the final cut. I think it would be so cool.

    We used to cruise with Royal Caribbean, but we really didn't like that they had schedules like Pajama nights, etc. I think we'll stick with Norwegian for now because we love the amenities and freedom to choose what activities we'd like to do.

  14. A fine job of documentation of this cast.

  15. What an awesome experience, girl! :) These performances remind me of China a lot where I attended few concerts and events like that. Cruises are on my bucket list!! :)

  16. glad you found some fun stuff on the trip :)

  17. Well, that certainly must have made the cruise special for you. IN any case, it seems that it was all in good fun!
    It was great having you participate in the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see more of your posts there soon!


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