Malaga in Pictures Part 2

Kids don't do this. Don't do what we did. Don't find yourself arriving in a city and know almost nothing about it. It was a mistake not to take Malaga seriously. As you saw, the architecture blew me away. I am pretty sure there's a story behind this.

I must confess here the reason for the lack of preparation for this city - well for this cruise. This cruise was the second cruise in back-to-back cruises we took in Oct-Nov 2014, where all my energy in researching was committed to the ports of call of the first cruise. I did not have any energy left to devote to the next cruise. In hindsight, it might have been a lousy decision on our part to do a back-to-back. However, we wanted to try it since our friends did it and enjoyed both. Besides we went all the way to Europe and only stay there for 8 days, so we took 2 cruises. We found out, at least on my part, that it's not something we particularly enjoy too much.

Enough gobbledygook and let's get on with the photos.

We walked all around, ventured into alleys, explored plazas, people watched, gawked at beautiful architecture, peeked at store windows, browsed at souvenir stores and took photos.

genoa and malaga 2014 175
Would it have helped if we took the tour bus?

genoa and malaga 2014 192
The museums did not interest us.

genoa and malaga 2014 285ed
Crowded area.

genoa and malaga 2014 294ed
Did not stop for Guinness.

genoa and malaga 2014 296ed
We ventured past the tourist area.

genoa and malaga 2014 326
We had no map, we simply walked.

genoa and malaga 2014 318
We found the main street where the big brand name stores are located. We simply walked by.

canon genoa malaga 2014 245
Another shot of the street.

genoa and malaga 2014 293ed
We were blessed with mild temperature and blue skies.

genoa and malaga 2014 321
How did he do that?

genoa and malaga 2014 327
Nice sign.

canon genoa malaga 2014 244
We had to do this old style and ask a friendly stranger to take our photo. By principle, we don't want to be the selfie-stick-toting tourists. Nothing wrong with that, simply a personal preference.

genoa and malaga 2014 269
We found this store.

genoa and malaga 2014 301
It carried American food items, like Duncan Hines and popcorn. However, it carried candy floss (which we don't call it that in America - cotton candy) and taco seasoning pouches.

genoa and malaga 2014 299
This cafe had the most charming outdoor seating. I was tempted to get something, but we just had some drink earlier.

genoa and malaga 2014 303
There are a few other churches aside from the cathedral.

genoa and malaga 2014 343
There is a long panel of mosaic tile artwork.

canon genoa malaga 2014 249
Another museum.

canon genoa malaga 2014 253
We reached the Alcazaba and the Teatro Romano.

We were content to just look and not explore the Alcazaba.

genoa and malaga 2014 261
A pretty face in the crowd.

genoa and malaga 2014 356
A striking hat.

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  1. Nothing to say but...Sometimes no preparations make things more exciting, elements of surprise!

  2. Your walking tour included some very attractive places and streets.

  3. Hello, I can not imagine back to back cruises. I like to be on dry land too much. I did enjoy this post, beautiful buidlings, streets scenes and people photos. Happy Skywatching, enjoy your weekend!

  4. So many insights into wanderings. Love these fresh street scenes, where the setting is not overwhelmed with touristy blah blah.

  5. Great tour. I love the architecture. How DID that guy do the backward stance?

  6. Lack of preparation or not these are great photos. You have inspired me to take more time photographing the ordinary things. I think sometimes you can over-prepare a place. You get such high expectations that the best of places can end up being just a little disappointing.

  7. I love all your pics. You are a great street photographer. I respect your decision not to use a selfie stick. I won't use them either.

  8. It looks like a very nice city to walk around.

  9. Great tour indeed, and the views are very nice.

  10. You should definitely go back then and be more prepared on your next Malaga visit. :p

  11. Great street shots. I like them.

  12. Marvelous photos! And how DID he do that?
    I'm glad I found your place - my first visit. I'm stopping by from Skywatch Friday, and hope you'll come visit our weekly linkup. This week's party is here:

  13. I'm guilty of bringing a selfie stick. I just got tired of asking strangers to take a photo of us. Love the photos!

    I'd think a back-to-back cruise would be too much for us as well.

  14. Lovely pictures! Happy weekend!

  15. Awesome pictures! Enjoyed going through them :)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. You seem to have captured the pulse of the city with your street pictures!

  17. Wonderful shots of the architecture and people! And that is a nice shot of you two!

  18. Never been there ! Looks like a lovely place. We always went more to Italy my husband being Italian and there was family to visit !

  19. Sometimes its nice to be not over prepared when you visit a place. It's fun to discover it as you go along and be delighted by the unexpected. You did captured a lot of Malaga's charming places and scenes and thanks for sharing them with us through your wonderful photos.

  20. You saw a lot anyway and at least you weren't those cruisers who just stay on board and play bridge. I always hated those people. It really looks like that's a beautiful city ... And one I'd never even remembered hearing about before your earlier posts.

  21. Beautiful shots! LOL about Food From America and the taco seasoning!

  22. Great shots. You take such interesting trips.

  23. We love cruising but are usually ready to be off the ship after one cruise. We are amazed at the numbers of fellow cruisers who do back-to-back and more. Our last cruise, through the Middle East, required some time to process all that we had experienced, couldn't have handled any more sensory stimulation. Jackie @


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