Walking To Honor The Memory of a Loved One

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, I joined family members in walking to honor the memory of my beloved niece who waged and lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in February of last year. The event is called Purple Stride.

From the website:

This year, in communities across the country, tens of thousands of people will participate in one of over fifty PurpleStride events. These events range in size from brief walks to longer timed-runs, but they all share one common goal – to end pancreatic cancer.

PurpleStride events raise awareness about the critical mission of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and give local residents the opportunity to help make strides toward a better future. The events also contribute millions of dollars toward our mission to advance research, support patients and create hope. Funds raised help provide personalized support for patients and support research grants and advocacy efforts to increase federal pancreatic cancer research funding.

For participants, it is a journey toward hope that is filled with inspiration. It is a time to honor loved ones fighting pancreatic cancer. It is a day when all of the family and friends of pancreatic cancer patients can come together in solidarity and gain both comfort and encouragement.

Wage Hope.

We met up with family at Justin Herman Plaza before 8 am. This would be the first time we are participating, so we were a bit early. To while the time away and in search of a bathroom, we crossed the street to the Ferry Building, which was having a Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8241_edited-1
Beautiful Saturday morning.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8243_edited-1
Setting up.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8246_edited-1
We were so early.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8251_edited-1
Farmer's Market setting up.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8250_edited-1

2016 06 11_canonpws_8252_edited-1
Hydrangeas, sweet peas, etc.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8257_edited-1
Inside the Ferry Building marketplace.

More stalls were up at the back of the Ferry Building.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8258
Sticky buns. The vendor was nowhere in sight, otherwise I would have indulged.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8262_edited-1
French lavender bouquets. I was so tempted, but my lavender bushes are all blooming so....

2016 06 11_canonpws_8265_edited-1
On the walk back to the meeting place, I look back and took this photo.

Before the walk, we took photos, lots of them. I just wished my niece was still with us. I am sure her family wishes the same, especially her children.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8266_edited-1

2016 06 11_canonpws_8273

2016 06 11_canonpws_8278_edited-1

2016 06 11_canonpws_8282_edited-1
My niece on the poster showed by her middle child.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8283_edited-1
By the time we started the walk, I let the camera rest and snapped just this one.

2016 06 11_canonpws_8284_edited-1
It was a 3-mile walk that spanned the length of Embarcadero from the Ferry Building to AT & T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, and then back to the Ferry Building.



  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images, it's really an enjoyable post.
    Many greetings!

  2. I'd like to believe your niece had a big, grateful smile on her face the entire time, Maria...even in those early minutes beforehand at the market. I always believe in being somewhere too early than too late or even on time. The waiting helps to "imprint" the event better on the heart, mind and soul!

  3. Hello, sounds like an awesome event and fund raiser. Wonderful series of photos, I love the flowers and those sticky buns look delicious. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Good on you for walking for this event, I lost my nana to breast cancer in 2003, cancer isn't a good thing, it's downright nasty so I applaud you for doing what you did :-)

  5. Wonderful shots of the city. I like that first shot.

  6. Great pics, Thanks for the post.

  7. Lovely shots of the Farmers' Market.

  8. a 3-mile walk. My feet hurts :) But, worth it.

  9. Loving the fresh flowers--hydrangeas are beautiful. Great cause!

  10. sorry for your loss. this is such a wonderful initiative.

  11. Such a beautiful city to walk around. It's a great cause although sad.

  12. Glad you had the opportunity to share this moment with your family. I sending you tons of blessings and good vibes.

  13. Oh how wonderful, that's a big group who participated. I love the tall building, but honestly i am scared climbing those very tall ones. And i love those sticky buns too, maybe they are cinnamon rolls, my favorite.

  14. Beautiful photos and how nice that so many people participated !

  15. I feel very sorry for the people,especially for your niece.

  16. I feel very sorry for the people,especially for your niece.

  17. I feel very sorry for your beloved niece... So sad...

  18. What a beautiful way to honor and remember your niece.


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