Driving Around My Bay Area

The annual church camping is just around the corner (next weekend as a matter of fact) and as was our practice the husband and I would drive out to the campsite to check it out and report back to the fellow campers about the facilities. This year was no different from the others as the hubs and I checked out the place one weekend in June. Naturally we had to take the long way to get to there so we could induldge in a little drive in the backroads.

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Our first stop was at Tomales and Dillon Beach in Marin County where we got some sandwiches to go. I've been driving around these parts over the years and this would be the first time I would be stopping here, or even seeing these little towns.

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We stopped on a look out point and chowed down the yummy sandwiches and salads. Afterwards we drove straight to the campsite, excited to see that the group site we booked was spacious and next to the observatory.

The drive back was quiet and as always I took pleasure in enjoying the passing scenery.

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  1. It's always good to check things out ahead of time and come away feeling good. It's an extra bonus when you can throw in some of the surrounding sights! Good for you.

  2. The town where you gpt tje samdwiches is a great looking place. Nice series of pictures.

  3. The town, beach and country side all look lovely. My daughter is doing a church camp in Ramona this August. Will be her first time, she is excited!

  4. The town, beach and country side all look lovely. My daughter is doing a church camp in Ramona this August. Will be her first time, she is excited!

  5. I love the look and feel of the county, so cute and charming.

  6. Ah, the beach. And I love those old buildings. So much character and history.

  7. What a great place with contrasting scenery!

  8. I wonder what those 3 huts are for! They look like those we find in our beaches here. I smiled at the fat stray cat, she must be well-fed by the leftovers.

  9. YOu live in my favorite area in California! I love visiting the Bay area.

  10. You have captured them beautifully.

  11. I really like your photos. There are always interesting and very well taken

  12. What pretty scenes. What's the purpose of those little shelters in the first two photos?

  13. Lovely scenery but are the hills especially dry with the drought or are they usually that color?

  14. Looks like a discovery drive. Those smalls towns are so cute, aren't they?
    Nice pictures. :)

  15. You guys are clever! My friends rent campsites and they do not check them out before the big crowds arrive. Then, "things" happen. But, this area you guys chose to camp looks beautiful. I love to camp close to the beach.


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