San Miguelito Mayan Ruins

When you visit the Mayan Museum in Cancun, your ticket will allow you to visit both the museum and the ruins inside the museum compound. We did not know that the site where the museum was erected was also an old Mayan settlement.

2016 05 24_canonpws_8341
Go past the dragon and you'll reach the entrance to the ruins.

2016 05 24_canonpws_8344
There's another dragon over here.

2016 05 24_canonpws_8385
Entrance to the ruins, just follow the path.

2016 05 24_canonpws_8386
"The archaeological site at San Miguelito Mayan Ruins was named after a coconut ranch that stood in its location in the 1950s when Cancun was a small fishing village. The original name is unknown; however, it is known that it was a mayor Maya settlement during the Late Postclasical Period of Mayan Prehispanic History (1250 – 1550 AD)."

The path is easy and settlement is not large, you can easily cover the whole thing quite quickly. However the canopied path is so relaxing that you would like to take your time, try to look up and enjoy the canopy and marvel at the beauty of the sunlight trying to pass through the cloud of leaves. On the ground level, keep an eye on the ubiquitous iguanas and stay away when two alpha males start a fight. I could not take a good shot at the iguana fight, but it was a sight to see. There's very little place to sit if you want to rest from the oppressive heat, but stay under the canopy and you'll be fine. At the end of the path stands the Pyramid. Amazing how there's a Mayan pyramid in the midst of modern day beach resorts, but this is why we love Cancun.

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  1. Interesting Mayan,wonder where they are now?

  2. Hello, wonderful tour of the museum and ruins. I like the dragons and the iguanas
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead! The trees are amazing. Wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Lovely series of photos.....thanks for the information!

  4. There must have had been many, many thousands of footsteps from people of differing eras climbing those stone stairs. What a story this piece of ancient architecture has to tell.

  5. Good idea to build the museum near the ruins. Like the dragons very much.

  6. Cool shots!!!
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  7. Interesting ... I didn't know there was a pyramid there. The forest canopy looks restful!

  8. Intersecting shots of ruins.

  9. I have fond memories of Cancun and Mexico, especialoly Chichen Itsa. Like you say such wonderful history is almost around every corner. If you can stand the heat.

  10. oh so very very cool, that's one place I'd love to visit :-)

  11. Oh what a lovely place to visit and dynamic photography ~ thanks for sharing and visiting ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

  12. Such lovely photos! Great place to explore

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