Xcaret Photos 8, the end of the series.

Xcaret series here.

Don’t leave the park without taking in the Spectacular Show at night. That was everybody’s advice to us when we told them about our planned trip to Xcaret. Apparently, it’s really magnificent and fabulous.

Heeding their advice, we made sure we were in the auditorium early so that we could get good seats. We had the pick of seats having gotten there early.

On the way to the auditorium was the Hacienda Henequenera, which houses the Mexican Folk Art Museum.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8721

2016 05 23_canonpws_8725





2016 05 23_canonpws_8726

There is an attached gift shop, where I picked a piece of souvenir - a cat figurine.



The Spectacular Show is a Mexican history lesson presented in colorful dances and songs and dramatizations. Spectacular is definitely perfect to describe the presentation. The husband and I were engrossed with what we were seeing that we purchased the DVD of the show. It was very educational. The show touched on Mayan culture up to the colonization of Spain and up to the present day Mexico. The part where every Mexican state makes a presentation in the form of a dance or song is enlightening. There are very distinctive differences in traditional clothing and colors in every state. We have yet to watch the DVD, but I’m sure I’ll get more information once we do.

It was at this time that all our photo gadgets were dying out, as you can imagine. We have been taking photos nonstop all day long and at 8 pm, understandably they would be worn out just like us. Our batteries were dead by the time we got to the bus bound for the resort.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8729
Indigineous people.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8730
Kind of ballgame.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8731
Another game that is played with something like a hockey stick, except the ball is burning.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8733
The arrival of the Spanish conquistadores.



  1. First of all, the LEAVES on your background! YAY for AUTUMN!

    I'm reminded of our Native American tribal cultures, Maria, and how similar but different they all are. We have MUCH to learn from them. I can just imagine how wonderful the show must have been. The DVD will be something to cherish in years to come.

  2. That was truly an amazing place to visit morning to night! I bet you were glad to get to the show early both for the good seats and for the chance to sit and rest a bit., and looks like the show was definitely worth it.

  3. What a beautiful and interesting serie of entries and photos. Really great!

  4. Thanks for the story and pictures. A good number of years ago we visited Chichen Itsa where we watched a similar sound and light show. Very exciting.

  5. Such an interesting and well-illustrated account of your trip!

  6. An interesting way of describing the history of a country.

  7. Wonderful photography of what looks like a fascinating place ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a special week ~ ^_^

  8. What an interesting and beautiful place. I've always wanted to visit Mexico - I love the colours and the distinct culture. Lovely photos and the show looks, as you say, spectacular. I'm sure you'll enjoy the DVD once you get chance to sit down and watch it.

  9. Great series of images of yor nice trip!

  10. Hi! It looks very fantastic! The gift shop goods are very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It looks like a wonderful place.

  12. The night show at Xcaret is fantastic. I think it should not be missed. My experience was a kind of nostalgic since the Mexicans around me started to cry when the mariachis started to play.


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