Universal Studios Florida: A Photographic Diary, part 3

The procession of photos from Universal Studios Florida continues with this post.

There are parts of the park that was pretty to look at and photograph, but honestly I have no clue what it is. Although let me tell you, it was on this part that we had one of scariest rides I've ever had. Of course the kids loved it.

2016 08 08_canonpws_9808

2016 08 08_pentax_1007_edited-1

2016 08 08_pentax_1011_edited-1

2016 08 08_canonpws_9809

2016 08 08_pentax_1008_edited-1

2016 08 08_pentax_1012_edited-1

2016 08 08_pentax_1013_edited-1

The Simpsons' fans would love the carnival atmosphere in Simpsonland, aka Springfield, IL where booths offering various carnival games stand side by side.

2016 08 09_canonpws_9762

2016 08 09_canonpws_9763

2016 08 08_pentax_1051

2016 08 08_pentax_1049

2016 08 08_pentax_1050

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  1. What a remarkable place. Great photos

  2. So interesting, wonderful images!

  3. Great fun. What will archaeologists of the future make of places like this????

  4. Hello, looks like a fun day in the Universal Park. Wonderful photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. I'm sure it is a child's idea of a dream place to go, I'd have loads of fun there too :-)

  6. Great shots. You captured it so well.

  7. Nice captures, lots of scowling faces in the decorations.

  8. Awesome - I didn't know they had a Simpsonsland!


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