I Went To Disneyworld (part 3) and Rode The Jungle Cruise

The ride that made a huge impression on me in Disneyland so many years ago was the Jungle Cruise. The memory of that ride lingered on and when I visited the island of Tortuguero in Costa Rica 4 years ago and had boat ride along the canals through the jungles I remembered that Jungle cruise ride on Disneyland. It was an incredible experience, so much so that I wanted to go to Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride again.

It took longer to realize the dream of going to Jungle Cruise again, but this summer in Florida I fulfilled that dream. The fact that the queue was kilometric told me that the ride is still very popular today as it was some 20 odd years ago.

When we finally got to ride it, the whole experience was a bit deflating. Do you know the saying: You cannot go back home again? Yes, it felt like it on this ride. I don’t know if it’s always been this short, but it felt really short to me this time around. After the ride my husband was telling me that my memory had probably played tricks on me. After all I was running on memories from about 20 years ago and I probably also romanticized the ride since it was my first time to ever been on one.

Anyway, it was still a fun ride, especially since the guide was incredibly funny throughout the ride.

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2016 08 11_canonpws_9471

2016 08 11_canonpws_9478

2016 08 11_canonpws_9481



  1. Well at least you got to go back and check for yourself. The long lines would have defeated me.

  2. Love elephants ~ Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^

  3. Sorry it was much shorter than you anticipated - our memory does that sometimes, doesn't it:( But the photos look great, like a genuine jungle trip! Happy New Year to you!

  4. I remember that ride from when my kids were young, it looks like it hasn't changed a bit. I remember the guides being very funny too.

  5. Fantastic images from Disney Land.

  6. This attraction has been around for 20 years? That's cool.
    We were did the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland over the summer and I quite liked it. We had a funny tour guide too. :)
    I must say you brought back some great pictures from the cruise. We did a late evening cruise and I ended up with some hazy shots.

    Happy New year, M. :)

  7. Beautiful post. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  8. Memories really are like that, Maria, and can be hugely deflating when revisited, I know. I have felt that way about visiting homes I lived in years ago...seemingly so much smaller and "ugly" compared to what I remembered. Oh well. It is as it is. At least you had a chance to see it again!

  9. Fantastic shots. What an adventure!

  10. Looks like a great ride! Every thing looks very realistic. Not sure what happened to you this time. But, I have experienced similar moments. I am yearning to go back to a place and then, it doesn't feel as it was in memories. I guess our perceptions change with time. #OurWorldTuesday


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