The First of the Year

When I was a child, the older people tell us that what you do on the first day of the year defines what you do the rest of the year. Thus, when I planned on bingewatching one of my shows I was thinking in the back of my head that I would be a lazy bum this 2017. Three episodes and three hours later I was honestly needing a little break. So when the husband asked me politely to go out to the park with him - since the light is perfect and the sun is out - to do some shooting I didn't need a lot of convincing. I could use a break from the comforts of my jammies.

Our destination was Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, our favorite walking spot. When we got there, we realized that we hardly (not at all?) have been there in 2016. The construction of new roads inside the park got us disoriented. It looks like a new entrance is being built, and what looked like a new parking space has been erected.

2017 01 01_canonpws_2174

2017 01 01_canonpws_2176

2017 01 01_canonpws_2186

2017 01 01_canonpws_2183

2017 01 01_canonpws_2193

2017 01 01_canonpws_2198

2017 01 01_canonpws_2203

2017 01 01_canont5rebel_2118

2017 01 01_canonpws_2226

2017 01 01_canont5rebel_2130

2017 01 01_canont5rebel_2131

2017 01 01_canonpws_2237

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  1. Hello, taking a walk with nature would be one of my favorite things for the new year. Love the birds and the pretty scenery. Great series. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. A beautiful set of photos!! I really like the next to last shot. Happy New Year!!

  3. The beauty of where you live is the presence of lots of parks and wildlife areas to visit. Landscapes are the only reason i want to visit your continent.

  4. Just lovely scenery, loving the bird in the 2nd photo - good closeup :-)

  5. Well, then. You are off to a great start, as far as I can tell, Maria. A bit from both worlds...which makes for a good balance, maybe?! :)

    BTW, please let us know ahead of time if/when you plan on a visit to the NL because of Astrid's need to request days off. She can always get a block of 4 free day (Fri-Mon) without taking any vacation days. So at least that's a start for your consideration. We'd love to show you around.

  6. such beautiful place for walk. Love the trees and birds. And everything else. :)

  7. Your park is a great place to take a camera.

  8. A fine series of very good pictures. I like the birds and the light from behind in other pictures is very enhancing.

  9. Beautiful birds and scenery. And yes, there are alligators in South Carolina, but I guess since I've seen bears and mountain lions hiking near where I live wildlife doesn't worry me too much!

  10. Great scenery and quite a therapeutic break from the urban jungle. :)

  11. What a lovely walk you had despite the changes. Great photos. I really love that last one.

  12. Lovely shots. What a great way to start the year.

  13. Great park -- thanks to your hubby for "forcing" you to get out there -- again a perfect way to welcome the year. (Although binge watching a great show in your PJs doesn't sound bad either.) I could happily choose either one or both (and both was the best option!!!)


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