Long Weekend With a Friend, part 1

Today is Sunday and the husband and I just came back from a long weekend with my college buddy and her family aboard Carnival Cruise Imagination. I cannot believe I am blogging about it right now, when I have yet to blog about the Caribbean cruise I took in October 2016. Anyway, better to blog when everything's really fresh on my mind still.

We flew out of Oakland on Thursday morning in the middle of inclement weather. Thankfully, all the rain only bothered road travels (flooding, sink holes, downed trees blocking roads, etc) and spared air travel. We left on time and arrived safely at Long Beach airport on time too.

Southern California has got the best winter weather I think. See this blue skies and mid 70-degree weather in February?

We got in really early and my friend and her family were driving from San Diego and have not arrived yet so we decided to cool our heels at the airport. That was where we chatted up with a docent. I did not realize that an airport has a docent, much less a small airport like Long Beach, but apparently they do host many school-age kids.

Eventually my friend arrived and we embarked on our cruise. This was a short cruise with only one port-of-call, perfect for a weekend with girlfriends. The cruise was full of many bridal parties and grooms parties. Needless to say this cruise was mostly consisted of the young crowd.

The Queen Mary calls this port home.

I have not taken many photos because I was more into nonstop yakking with my girlfriend, especially since we had so much ground to cover. Her first child happens to be my godson, so we are really close. We talked about friends, skin care, dieting, future travel plans and so on and so forth.

In between all the conversations, I have made my phone very useful.












  1. Lovely series of instants! Spectacular winter weather in february in there! And It must be so good and cosy to have a long conversation with a dear friend, as well! Many thanks for sharing all of these with us! Have a great week ahead!

  2. Sounds like a great place to be catching up with friends whilst enjoying the sunshine.

  3. That is a very unusual shaped building, kind of like a egg half, hope you had fun with your friends :-)

  4. Lovely post and photos ~ and great time with your friends ~ I remember those towel folds were so fun on the ship ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  5. Good shots. You go on great trips.

  6. a cruise with friends, sounds like you had a wonderful time

  7. Great way to spend time with friend.

  8. That napkin is... so cute and may well be the most lovable napkin I've ever seen! ;)

  9. Thanks for the interesting port photos. What is the round building?

  10. I know -- floods and sinkholes and a spillway in major danger! And there's more rain coming.

    The pictures are proof that you had a lovely cruise. :)Looks like you brought back some sunshine, too ;).

  11. Btw, what's that dome in the pics?

  12. Always fun to spend quality time with good old friends. Lovely pictures!

  13. Looks as if you had a very nice time !

  14. That is a nice way of presenting photos for your memories and for us who cannot do that too. I am visualizing you taking photos in between the 'yakking'spree, LOLs. You are so blessed in being in a society that can easily adapt to those leisure ways. I saw some cruise ships in NZ but i cannot just hop in and taste how it is like!

  15. I took a similar cruise many years ago. The only thing is that it had 2 ports of call. Not sure if you know but here in California is known as the poor man's cruise. #OurWorldTuesday


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