Throwback Skywatch

It's only the 2nd day of the 2nd month of this new year and I'm already swamped. Way too busy to start the new year, which is not bad, except that busy work schedule gets in the way of blogging. Refusing to miss a single SKYWATCH post, allow me to reminisce old times and share some throwback sky shots. Some are repeat but a few may not have been featured here before.

zmr 2
Izmir, Turkey. Nov. 2009

Cairo. Nov 2009

Near Zion NP. Jan. 2014

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 957
Uosemite. May 2013

2014_10_5 518
Lisbon. Nov 2014

2013_03_30 037
SF East Bay. Mar 2013

2015 09 25_canonrebel_3786
Carquinez Strait. Sep 2015

greece and venice 2014 102
Santorini. Oct 2014

Cambria. Nov 2010.

Mazatlan. Feb 2011

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  1. Hello, amazing series of sky photos. Love the colors. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Brilliant collection of photos

  3. Beautiful photos, and I love how you've managed to travel (and take pictures) all over the world!!

  4. Wow, such a variety of great Skywatch photos from all over the world. You have been many different places.
    I do appreciate being so faithful to Skywatch.

  5. Visited Egypt many years ago. Loved the pyramids but not Kairo.
    Nice skies.

  6. great selectio of the sky from all around the world. well done!

  7. Amazing pictures and I don't know which one I like the most. All of them! Wonderful.

  8. Beautiful memories Maria!!! Thanks for sharing. I try to do SWF every week, but the one I refuse to miss is Our World on Tuesday -- that one keeps me grounded.

  9. Fabulous, Maria, even if some are repeated. My favorite is SF East Bay. Mar 2013. I love the feeling of that image!

  10. Great serie of photos. Lovely sunset

  11. Great skies all. I love the Cairo shot!

  12. A fine group of excellent pictures. I like the vivid coloring and detals in these shots. Well done.

  13. That's a beautiful series of photos for SWF.

  14. Those are wonderful finds from different countries, which remind me of my envy, LOL. And you should include a few from here because we have lots of those sky, sunrise or sunset views!

  15. I can relate with busy work interfering with blogging :'( Love your pyramid pic!


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