A Day in the Bahamas, part 2

When we got off the boat, we planned on an activity to do in the island. This is after studying all the activities available in the island from a list of shore excursions offered by the cruise line. We have a few cruises under our belt, which made us a bit sure of ourselves that we could do a DIY tour by hiring a guide outside the port. Unfortunately, the activity that we all wanted to do was only available through the cruise ship excursion desk. We asked almost everybody giving tours in the port area but they all said only cruise lines offered that activity, so we decided we'll just go snorkel.

2016 11 04_canonpws_1083_edited-1

2016 11 04_canonpws_1085

We signed up for a snorkeling trip and were put on a motor boat with people who wanted to snorkel, jet ski or parasail. We were all bound for the same island to do the activity we signed up for. Difficult to ignore the Atlantis Resort, it kind of dominated the landscape. Available also was a resort day to Atlantis, which was quit popular with many cruisers.

2016 11 04_pentax_1499_edited-1

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2016 11 04_pentax_1502_edited-1
Our boat ride was a good 20 minutes worth and along the way I was not only enjoying the sights, but I was shooting to my heart's content.

2016 11 04_pentax_1462_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1506_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1513_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1516_edited-1

2016 11 04_pentax_1463_edited-2

Can you see how beautiful of a day it was? Oh my goodness, we were here in November and the weather was just perfect.

***to be continued***

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  1. Hello, lovely series of Bahama photos. Looks like a fantastic cruise. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  2. Wow! It's like I'm also with you on your Tour around the Bahamas! Thank you for taking me ;)


  3. Looks wonderful. I just can't get over how incredibly large the cruise ships are!! Hope the snorkeling was fun.

  4. lovely sky over the cruise ships


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