A Day In St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, part 4

You may have been thinking that I have milked this port-of-call to the max. I have done that purposely because I would like to show you that there's plenty to do in a very limited time in these ports-of-call.

Moving on, when our friends met up with us again later on we had to take them to the store where we had tasted ambrosia, aka flavored rum. Once the shopping was done we got back to the car and headed towards Blackbeard's Castle, a popular attraction. How disappointed were we went we got there and the place just closed for the day.

2016 11 01_pentax_1814
On the way to Flag Hill, we took a random stop to enjoy the view.

Since we had to make the most of our dwindling time in the island, we opted to drive up to Flag Hill and see where the St. Thomas Skyride terminate. The skyride is a gondola ride that takes you up to Flag Hill some 700 ft above the town of Charlotte Amalie.

The view is pretty fantastic from here.

2016 11 01_pentax_1819

2016 11 01_pentax_1827

2016 11 01_pentax_1835

2016 11 01_pentax_1838

2016 11 01_pentax_1843

2016 11 01_pentax_1844
That's our ship.

2016 11 01_pentax_1849
Three ships arrived that day, but the island did not seem overcrowded.

2016 11 01_pentax_1853

By the time we have arrived back in the port, it was raining again.

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  1. Hello, cool views of the ships. I think I have been on the gondola ride, it was neat.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Spectacular view! Wow, those cruise ships are HUGE!!

  3. One of my very favorite places to go. We went there more than once on a cruise several years ago. I loved the shopping and still have some of the jewelry I bought there.

  4. By gondola you mean cable cars? I like cable cars you always get a fantastic view from them. :)

  5. Whooaaa. what gorgeous views you captured from high above. Those ships are hugemongous.

  6. wow amazing. Great pics.

  7. What a wonderful place to explore and take photos

  8. Wowza! I'm glad you decided to explore and share these amazing views with us. And then the rain came. Looks like you enjoyed the adventure though. Have a great week-end.

  9. You captured some great images of the port and the cruise ships.

  10. Beautiful, even with the clouds.

  11. Beautiful and peaceful photos of the benches, the green mountains, so awesome very nice views! There are indeed lots to do and see there!

  12. Amazing views! Great captures, thanks for the trip :)

  13. such an amazing place. Think you have to visit to grasp it all. :) Thanks or sharing.

  14. I really like the way you make the most of your time -- and the way you aren't afraid to make your own adventures instead of just going on the guided tours.

  15. Wow! some sights they are. :)
    I'm sure you were glad you stopped at that viewpoint.


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