My Furbaby is Turning 9!

Like many people I grew up surrounded by dogs. We had multiple dogs while I was growing up and no cats at all. I remember our neighbor's cat to be continually shooed out of our kitchen because cats are thieves they say. They come when they smell frying fish and in those days filling a human's stomach with fish is more important than having the neighbor's cat/s have its stomach filled.

Thus, I am still flabbergasted at how quickly my attitude changed with cats when I got my first cat from the shelter 7 years ago this Thursday, March 30. I have told the story previously about how the visit to the shelter with the intention of getting a dog yet getting a cat instead have changed my life.

The then 2 year old gray and white tuxedo cat charmed my pants off right off the bat and I was helpless. I could not resist its charms. It gave me those sad pleading eyes, those soft meows that are full of emotions and the paw pats she gave my cheeks were too much. I had fallen in love with the first cat that I touched.

So I am celebrating her 7th Gotcha year and at the same time her 9th birthday. The shelter had very little information on her, but they were able to guesstimate that she was about 2 years old at the time of adoption.

Needless to say I have not regretted my decision that day to get a cat instead of a dog. Someday we may add a dog to our family. In the meantime, we are happy with our Emma (and her brofur Buster).

I love watching her sleep.
She knew she was at home. Two days after adoption I snapped this photo of her peacefully having one of her marathon naps.

Lumix 007
She's always making sure that the photos of her I upload on Flick'r are only flattering images.

sleeping arrangement
Her quirks are adorable like the only time she would sleep in her bed was when we put her favorite fuzzy pillow on top of it.

chocolate extravaganza 2011 021
During the hot summer days she would know how to find relief from the heat.

2011_07_03 021
She loved to play with her mousie.

2012_01_01 008
Her daily routine includes a stint in the front window where the afternoon sun can be enjoyed. She also loves this spot for all the small dog she sees walking by with their owners.

2012_02_27 002
She tolerates her 2x a year bath given by catpapa.

2013_06_07 009
To my baby girl, happy Gotcha Day and happy 9th birthday!



  1. Lovely! Wonderful!
    Our two cats rule the house. We obey them!
    Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful cat ~ gorgeous paws and face ~ Wonderful photos of her ~ you are both blessed ~ Happy Gotcha and Happy Birthday to Emma and you ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a fun week ~ thanks ~ ^_^

  3. Happy Birthday Emma!

  4. What a great looking cat! Ours in long haired one - and he is a complete floof-ball!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Your cats adorable. I've always been more of a dog and horse person but I've know a few cats that I grew fond of.

  6. She is certainly very cute! I'd have a cat but my family is too allergic, so we have tiny dogs instead (one of them turns 12 in a few days).

  7. What a cutie! I grew up surrounded by dogs too. I will not say I will never get a cat because you never know (as you may attest).

  8. They are adorably independent and know how to make you slave for them unlike dogs!
    Beautiful pictures and heres wishing your furbaby a Happy birthday!

  9. You know, I love dogs but I am basically a cat person. I love them critters.

  10. happy birthday to your young one :)

  11. Happy Puuuurrrrday, Emma, says our Molly the Cat.

    Your post speaks to precisely how the Husband and I felt when we brought Molly home 5 years ago.


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