The Baths, British Virgin Islands, part 2

The Baths is such a beautiful beach. I don't have many experience with beaches so pardon me if I gush about this beach. In my very limited experience I must declare this as one of the best beaches I've ever been. We would love to stay and dip in the blue waters, but we wanted to explore Devil's Bay. We heard going there is such an adventure. Let the adventure begin.

2016 11 02_pentax_1604
The sign in front of the giant boulder that has a small opening to get through to the other side.

2016 11 02_pentax_1608
Trail goes through this cave.






Once we emerged from the caves, we found ourselves in natural pools that were made possible by large boulders. I could have stayed here, but we had to move on. Still we took our time here. It is so beautiful. As a matter of fact, if time is not a concern I would have loved to stay in the caves for a bit longer.






From this point, it was a short walk to the beach. We found a grotto by the beach that was so magical. At the beach, we stopped taking photos and enjoyed the surroundings. Pretty soon, the tide rose and our grotto sanctuary was under water. It was our cue to go back and catch our bus and ferry back to Tortola.

On the trail to the parking lot, there are a lot of cactus, which was quite curious to be honest with you. I would have not expected cactus in this setting.

2016 11 02_canonpws_1229

2016 11 02_canonpws_1237

2016 11 02_canonpws_1239

We managed to catch our bus and our ferry back to Tortola. What a short time we spent here, which made us all the more hungry to spend more time here, especially in the Baths. New bucket list item.



  1. What a fantastic place to explore. Great shots!

  2. Wow! What a place nature has created and what a wonderful journey for you ~ Gorgeous photography of your special trip ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  3. I'm thinking about adding these Boulders to my bucket list. So intriguing.

  4. Very interesting place. I have not seen anything like this before.

  5. Wow. Fabulous I'll bet that was ahighlight of your trip. Lovely, clear photos by the way.

  6. Oh my gosh....this is absolutely incredible!!! I'm so glad you came to visit with me so I knew where to come by ....I would have missed this adventure.

  7. wow, this is a place I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. What a fabulous place to have fun! Just curious - is it called the Baths because the water is warm?

  9. The narrow walkway looks very exciting I can see why you would like to stay and play in the pools. Of course the beach is very nice too. I fine group of pictures to post.

  10. What an amazing place, it must have been a great experience exploring it.

  11. This is such and amazing place! Don't you love the Caribbean? Is this area shallow or you visited when the tide was low? I would like to walk around the boulders since I cannot swim. #OurWorldTuesday

  12. Fantastic place! The cave is amazing!
    Love cactus too.
    You took wonderful pictures as always! Bravo!


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