Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The next port of call was the island of Tortola, the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands. The island welcomed us with a downpour. We could hardly get out of the boat because it was raining hard. When there was a small lull in the downpour and that meant it was drizzling as oppose to a downpour we ran as hard as we could to get to get out of the port to the ferry to visit Devil's Bay which is in another island. And because we were running late and the rain was making it difficult to survey the surroundings, we opted to take a taxi. Two minutes later, we were in the dock. Hah! We just needed to walk about 10 minutes to get from where our cruise is docked to where the ferry is docked and we spent money on a two-minute taxi.

The rain stopped when we got on the ferry and started again, but only a drizzle, for a bit. Then the rest of the ferry ride, about 40 minutes, and the rest of the day we had blue skies and Caribbean sunshine. The ferry had one schedule everyday. It leaves Tortola around 9:30 and comes back 2:30 I believe. It's the only ferry that does the route so that we were reminded frequently to be mindful of the time.

2016 11 02_pentax_1580

2016 11 02_canonpws_1278

Someone pointed out the island of British billionaire Richard Branson. Didn't Obama holiday here a few weeks ago?

2016 11 02_canonpws_1247
We arrived in our destination, Virgin Gorda.

2016 11 02_canonpws_1249
This is what greeted us.

2016 11 02_canonpws_1248
I can hang out here for the day.

From the dock, we took a bus ride 15-20 minutes, the bus is included in the fare you pay for the ferry.

The Top of the Baths is a restaurant, bar and shops. From here, you take the trail to the baths.

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2016 11 02_canonpws_1224

2016 11 02_pentax_1591

The trail is short passing in between large boulders.


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2016 11 02_pentax_1594

2016 11 02_pentax_1596

to be continued......



  1. I think those huge cactus plants stand out to me the most, love them.

  2. What a nice sunny stop -- natural beauty indeed!

  3. How beautiful and inviting ~ what a lovely trip for you and your family ~ gorgeous photos ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  4. Many, many (very many) years ago I visited the British Virgin Islands while on a cruise. The scenery (not counting that rain) is as beautiful now as it was then. Your photos are just wonderful!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I'm intrigued, what a beautiful place to visit. I can't imagine living in a huge estate like Branson's. All I can think of is the huge expense and you would have to hire people to keep it in shape and there would over time all sorts of items of maintenance and redecorating and such. If I ever get a gazillion bucks I'm staying in a hotel.

  6. Amazing place. Great to read.
    Beautiful pics.

  7. Like Kay, I was there a long time ago. I don't really remember the details, so I really enjoyed your photos like I was seeing it for the first time. Beautiful and peaceful. Sorry you had so much rain, but glad you didn't let it spoil your day.

  8. That looks a very nice place to visit even if for a short time. Where else would Richard Branson Live but the Virgin Islands, he also lives not that far from me as well

  9. A fine picture account of the walk to the baths.

  10. That looks extraordinary, what a place to see.

  11. Oh, I would like to visit this island! I was going to ask if you visited The Baths but it looks like you did. #OurWorldTuesday

  12. wow, what a wonderful place. :)

  13. Oh this is certainly not scary to me anymore! The photo with lots of huts in the beach looks like many of our beaches here. But that green mountain with speckles of colored houses is so beautiful and envious to us. How fascinating if we can build ours like that without destroying the view and the natural biodiversity.


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