Hey, it's May!!!!

Where did the time go? And where did I go, you ask? Well, I took a large part of April touring Morocco and Lisbon. The husband and I returned last Thursday night and I have just completed uploading the photos. We had a total of roughly 5,000 photos, excluding the ones we took from our phones. I suppose that is within the norm.

Anyway, while I get settled back to normal routine and immerse myself in sorting and editing photos, I will share with you these photos that we took on a short drive to Sonoma County in March. March got a bit busy towards the end there with my cousins visiting from Texas and of course the preparation for our 3-week vacation to Morocco and Lisbon; hence I did not have anything on my album after the mid March photos from Sonoma.

If you have been a reader of this blog for years, you must be getting tired of this post. I take the spring annual drive to Sonoma or Napa to enjoy these sights. I never get tired of these.

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This is my contribution to this week's OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. I don't see how anyone could get tired of this wonderful scenery. Beautiful landscapes and I love seeing the horses at the end.

  2. Beautiful landscapes but I like the close up best.

  3. Excellent field shots. Looking forward to more from your trip.

  4. Gorgeous shots! Am looking forward to seeing the photos from your travel.

  5. gorgeous landscape and shots

  6. First time visitor. Born and raised in the Napa Valley. Moved away 23 years ago, but always enjoyed our visit a number of times each year. It will always be home.

  7. Wow! Sounds like you had an excellent time. Portugal and Morocco are places I would like to visit and can't wait to see all your pictures. I have not been to Sonoma either. Looks like a fabulous place too.

  8. The thing is, every year you see things with new eyes, so it's impossible to get bored. I can hardly wait to see your images of Lisbon because we have another friend who went there, convincing us to put it at the top of our bucket list!

  9. Beautiful photos. Glad you had a nice trip.


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